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  1. Normally I'd be all "this dudes nuts" but this actually makes a lot of sense. Every time I have my eyes opened to the true perspective of reality, I find myself gravitating toward that sheep minded mentality that I am free and all is well. It could be chalked up to the distractions of daily trivia, but with such a consistent track record, I'm starting to see Icke as a great modern day philosopher and less of a nut.

  2. The television influences the subconscious mind. This is why films affect us emotionally, as the television puts us into an alpha state of hypnotism. This is a fact. Look this up.

  3. @22694nayeem To believe what? That Illuminati does it deliberately? Evidently someone is using networks to influent the masses (duh) because they know majority is stupid and easy to manipulate, also majority is deciding in democratic elections (in theory). I don't know if you can call them "Illuminati" but don't be blind on outcome of this. People are getting dumber everyday. And it's not a good thing.

  4. If there were no television then people wouldnt even have to warn you about the dangers of it…. people lived fine without it before… This device is shaping and molding population's perspective on life, belief and behavior. Open your eyes man..

  5. This is so true about where you get your information from. When you get it from the telly, it's twisted and manipulated and the public fall for it. I despair how children are being brought up with so much television.

  6. If you were higher educated, you would tell why he is lying instead of just blurting out hyperbolae.
    So what do you think is going on in this world, Prof. SmartyPants?


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