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  1. Must be starteling for the crew, and if passengers have noticed, for them too. By the way, I noticed that when new aircraft report with Albuquerque centre, the radar controller does not say: "radar contact" like the atc do here in Europe. On the other hand atc in USA and Canada is different on several points. Like on the numbers: in USA and CDN 523 is pronaunced as five twenty three, whereas here in Europe they say: five two three. With 4 digit flightnumbers the USA and CDN way might be less confusing.

  2. So this object was at about FL400… and it was Seen at nearly the same Position so it was Slow. An Airplane cant be Slow at this high and and Weather Ballon is actually too small? Thats confusing

  3. VASAviation – Is this map accurate? Scottsdale (KDSL) and Goodyear (KGYR) are both missing. The funny things is that you did a belly landing video out of Scottsdale a while back, so not sure why that's not there. Goodyear is a much larger regional airport than Buckeye (KBXK) and is even used to store and repair commercial jets, so it should be there. (Although, Buckeye's VORTAC is along a major flight corridor.) And, you have a typo for KGBN. It should be Gila Bend, not Ila Bend. (The confusion may be from the word being pronounced "Hee-lah" and not "Ghee-lah" or "Jee-lah".)

  4. Whilst three are many good reports of unidentifiable flying objects, reports from pilots (who would be regarded as "credible witnesses" by any reasonable metric) are sparse. N ot that surprising when the consequences of submitting such reports tend to be very negative – Capt.Terauchi was demoted to flying a desk for the majority of the remainder of his career. These "penalties" tend to ensure "Professional silence".

  5. Weather balloon most likely. I saw one just like the picture you showed pass above us at FL280 descending on arrival into ATL over Knoxville about 10 years ago. I reported it to ATC, but they had no idea it was there. We were in-and-out of the clouds, when we happened to see it pass less then a thousand feet above us. No one seemed to care back than that we almost collided with a weather balloon in class A airspace on arrival into world's busiest airport. I reported it to company, but received a reply from the Chief with a quote from the AIM that read something like: Balloons have right of way over fixed wing aircraft and should be avoided. I found that reply idiotic.

  6. Google balloons and weather balloons show on radar, so do stealth aircraft…..!! So you make up your mind. Fyi meteor and space debris would be gone in seconds. So. What was at 40'000 ft? Answers on a postcard 🙂

  7. Down voted for inappropriate use of Alien picture and flying sauser… UFO stands for unidentified flying object. Anything can be a UFO, like a drug smuggler's plane / military test planes or anything that have their transponder and Radio switched off (Yes MH 370 will be considered as an UFO before they crashed into the sea).

  8. The fact that the Air Force didn’t send Jets up there to check the situation pretty much shows that they knew what was going on. So they either cooperated with the aliens or, which seams more plausible, it was some test flight. If they didn’t know what that was, they would have checked, because it could have been anything, from an ufo to a ballistic missile from NK…


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