1. MUFON Case #91139 looks like it could show two ET UFOs, cylindrical in shape, and using a combination of ejected steam and plasmadynamic thrusts to gain altitude rapidly. The condensing steam explains the contrails and the plasmadynamic propulsion explains the whitish glow of the objects. Of course, it's also possible that those contrails might not actually contain any condensed steam, but, rather, are trails of atmospheric plasma that are glowing bright white as their ions dissipate behind the rising craft. Too bad we do not have some video to study. There's just not enough information in the photo to determine which scenario is the correct one.

    Obviously Putin likes to travel in style at time 5:00 in a private jet with military escorts. The Russians didn't exactly have another "day at the office" last night when Tomahawk cruise missiles from US ships and aircraft hit three chemical weapons facilities in Syria that Assad was using to manufacturer the chemical weapons that are killing children over there. The Syrian government claims they destroyed 17 of the incoming cruise missiles, but that was probably only a small percentage of the total number of cruise missiles launched, the majority of which hit their intended targets. I suspect, however, that the US did not use its latest "new and smart" cruise missiles in this "pin prick" attack in order to prevent the ones that went off course and crashed from falling into the hands of the Russians and even the Chinese. However, like ET probes, any of the newer cruise missiles that do go astray or are damaged by ground fire, will probably be programmed to automatically self destroy their advanced electronics and optics using highly exothermic chemical reactions. If so, then all that the Russians and Chinese would be able to recover of their remains will be small molten blobs of metal and ceramic materials.


    UPDATE on the Syrian cruise missile attack. According to the Syrian regime, 103 cruise missiles were fired at them and they managed to shoot down 71 of them. This, of course, could just be face saving propaganda. I'm waiting for the official "battle damage assessment" from the Pentagon later today.

    UPDATE. The US Pentagon said a total of 105 cruise missiles were fired from US, British, and French ships, submarines, jets, and bombers. They claim that ALL of them hit and severely damaged or destroyed their targets. Apparently, the Russians were notified of the attack in advance and did not activate their own air defense systems designed to detect and destroy incoming cruise missiles. Well, none of this will bring back the estimated 500,000 people murdered by the Assad regime during the last 7 years, but they probably will be thinking twice before launching any more chemical attacks on civilians. I think this has proven to be an embarrassment for the Russians who were supposed to oversee the removal and destruction of all chemical weapons from Syria years ago, but, apparently, did not do a thorough enough job of it.

  2. MASS SIGHTING. Check this out! This happened in Mexico (Rosarito and Calafia and Baja Mexico) and TWO nights ago, April 12, 2018. Three different witnesses captured them on video.

  3. Art Bell thank you wiil be missed.Love Grant Cameron but I think hes wrong about Steven Greer hes been warning us about a false flag a lot longer than Grant also the disclosure project the movies Greer is strange maybe a Reptilian but no way CIA😀. I dont know maybe confusion is their goal then they've achieved it with me

  4. It's frustrating to hear that people on this planet are killing each other when we should all unite to find out the truth about why these UFOs are here. I really feel that people are being distracted because they (UFOs) are showing their presence more than ever. I wonder where they showed up recently. Art Bell passed away yesterday. Have you heard?

  5. Thanks for another great update Mauricio. I recall that Mufon report and found it very interesting indeed. Putin looks to be a 'white knuckles' flyer! Two worst times to avoid a SAM are during take off and landing, and it looked like he was on final into Damascus. His expression was that of a 5 year old watching a Godzilla movie….scared nearly to a panic. Maybe he needed a couple of shots of vodka!

    I do so like the B-2 and F-22 flyover shot. Freedom in action! Did you tape that Mauricio?


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