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  1. This is why no one believes other humans they lie and fake shit so other people will believe things.A ufo can land in washington noone would believe it. The human race is full of shit always try to market bullshit to make money or get attention.

  2. I agree…Especially that one over the volcano , I saw the original video without the halfassed ufo added.
    Just once , can I see a decent image and not this Hoaky Shit….just sayin

  3. :20 An "aerial vehicle" of that design would not need to bank in the turn. Whoever made this video made it bank because humans expect aircraft to bank in a turn. And since there have been many eyewitness accounts of UFOs making sharp, 90 degree turns, there wouldn't be the necessity to bank.

  4. These are deliberately bad for a reason. Every one of them is easily debunked by any UFO fanatic… Except for the speckling on at least one of the because it was taken on actual film. I think these are entirely legit; "they" are getting us used to seeing these otherwise freaky machines, as an early part of UFO disclosure. Or maybe it's just more disinformation.

  5. 이건 UFO no 미국신형전투기 입니다
    순간 위프 가능 하도록 되었고.. 우주에서도 지유롭게 비행 가능 .. 대기권 밖으로 순간 비행 .

  6. It always amuses me when UFOs are filmed giving off a display of flashing coloured lights. Why would the do that unless they're all having a party? So many lights and so many parties. Why do so many display landing lights? Civil aircraft only do that to improve their visibility from the ground or other aircraft. Are there traffic problems in inter-stellar space? If they're going to display lights they might as well log a 'flight plan'. Get real!


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