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  1. ive come to the conclusion that everything that happens was ment to happen …..its a very very closed universe that you all claim is vastlous…its actually very contained and contrived

  2. Bright Lights in Desert Near A51…. Quite clearly it is air to ground missile / bomb testing.. you can even see a small dark object -a plane- approach from the right and fire something which then explodes as a 3rd lit up area inbetween the 2 outside fires / explosions

  3. good work Joe your on the right track….for an illusionist you wont be deceived by the illusion and your right even with chem trails people just are not looking up….they have blinders on…

  4. In the 3rd landscape pictured in this video is obviously a REAL space oddity.
    It is David Bowie as Major Tom. They left out the other "oddity" far to the left
    of Bing Crosby wanting to sing a Christmas song with David but we all know
    how NASA censors (sic) these revealing photographs.

  5. They almost finished the undergrund cities to, because after the flood, they should go somwhere, mean down, under the erth jut few jears until, the survivals fight is done ,and vote new ''leaders'', after ''they'' mean old leaders, fly up again, and start visiting the ,different placel on earth, to to talk, with elected leaders, from the survivors, it's sound familyar NO??????????????????


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