UFO Documentary Mexico, UFO crush and UFO sightings in Mexico According to UFOlogists, local residents reported a mid-air collision between a UFO and a small airplane near the town of Coyame…



  1. These aliens comes only to the white peoples why because what is hidden must be made known. It is a proof that they are the falling Angels. Evil visitors like these, they entertain. Our father's weapons are prepared. The floods, the storms, the sinkholes, the earthquakes and landslides. You will run to the devil. Haleluuuuyah

  2. the mexican soldiers "were just dead when the americans arrived"……yeah, im sure they were…….lol. thats america's ufo!!! mexico doesnt have the resources or scientists to fully take advantage of having extra terrestrial technology

  3. Aliens are stupid They crash their spaceship to oblivion, why on earth they do that stupid things, to be seen by stupid earthlings? stupid doug, que horror.

  4. American Drone prototypes of course the had them even then where do you think remote control model planes came from …the craft was damaged and no forcefield do you really think this was alien and not American…


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