Pete Way (bass), Andy Parker (drums), Phil Mogg (vocs) and Mr Flying V himself, the German wunder kinder Mr. Michael brother of Rudolf Schenker . Classic influential stuff.



  1. magistral y hermosa canción, Iron Maiden mi banda favorita, admira mucho a UFO, y en muchos conciertos antes de abrir el telón, e iniciar concierto, siempre colocan esta hermosa canción como homenaje a tan legendaria banda.

  2. I hate ufo and scorpions. I've been playing the guitar for 30 years now. Can anyone tell me why MS is held up on this pedestal of great guitar players? I know music is all subjective, I just don't know what the hype is all about. I always hear kirk hammet say that he was his inspiration, and that says it all…

  3. I was fortunate to see UFO at the legendary starwood club Hollywood ca, Stood dead center front of stage ten feet from Schenker and his black flying V, Band was on their "force it tour" to this day one of my most memorable concerts.

  4. I was young when this band was around but I never heard of them or any of their songs…  I just listened because it was the next song up.   I thought i knew all the bands of this time period…  nope I didn't.


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