This video was sent anonymously. Despite the fact that the object can appear to be an alien space craft this does not preclude the possibility that it may have been manufactured here on Earth….



  1. It part of the Great DECEPTION of the coming time. If they can create some lil green men from space, and get you to believe it, they can introduce a new age God. This is the govermnent practicing flight. Put this with holograms, cell tower sound, and night…you have a GREAT DECEPTION of UFOs. The government thinks we are stupid…and can be deceived easily. Thanks to this poor camera guy…we at least have proof they have been practicing for a while. Just think hoe much better they will be now with this UFO.. AKA..government air craft technology.

  2. This is a new weapon the US Air Force is testing, USA has been working secretly on developing a flying saucer and it was being tested, in a couple of years you will see USA mastering the saucer technology .

  3. Why did they have the camera running filming absolutely nothing? I have been on trails where fast jets regularly fly over and I know by time you hear them, they've already passed, no time to get your camera ready and start videoing. Not only that the bank of aircraft is all wrong for the speed, they'd drop out of the sky with that level of bank at such a slow speed.

  4. I explained this to a friend of mine years ago. My original comment is probably buried way back in the comments here. Bear in mind I'm not a pilot or aviation expert, but it's CLEAR, not being a moron, this video is fake.

    1) The jets are flying too slowly not to stall
    Jets cannot fly 40-60 MPH straight ahead as they are in this video. At 40-60 MPH, they would stall and crash. It's easy to see the jets are going way too slow. Go outside, look at a truck on the highway, and back up or move forward until the truck is about the same size as the jets in this video. Now look at how fast the truck moves across your field of vision. A jet flies hundreds of miles an hour, up to the speed of sound and more. The speed of sound is 767 MPH. You've heard the expression, MACH 1? MACH 2? That's 767MPH, or 1,534MPH. A jet flying at 40 or so MPH level, would lack enough lift to maintain flight, it would nose dive. If the speed was more believable, you would see the jets as a blur which quickly crossed your visible horizon, at this altitude… And they would kick up leaves everywhere… The max speed of F14s, which these are pictures of, is Mach 2.34. The stall speed changes depending on altitude and angle, but flying straight ahead, these planes need to fly in excess of the speed they clearly are.

    2) The planes are flying too close to each other, and the "UFO."
    If jets fly this close to one another, and BEHIND another object at the ACTUAL speed jets fly, they fly into the prop wash, or jet stream, of each other. This is incredibly dangerous. Only precision air acrobatic flying teams attempt to fly close together, and THEY crash from this issue. Remember the movie Top Gun? That's how Goose died… Flying the same places in this video… They flew into the wash of another plane and entered a flat spin and could not recover.

    3) There is no turbulence or air resistance.
    Air resistance, turbulence, etc These jets are obviously static images superimposed and moved across the video. REAL jets can be SEEN to shake and vibrate as they move across the sky, by the "fuzzy" nature of their outline . It's CLEAR there is a difference between, for instance, moving your hand in front of the sky while you watch it, versus a jet speeding through the air. You see your hand very distinctly and clearly. That's because it's not vibrating and shaking. Like the jets in this video, which move so smoothly through the air. A jet actually flying, shakes and shudders nearly imperceptibly with the turbulence of punching through the atmosphere. Air resistance is real. But in this video, it's non existent… In reality, wind resistance, air resistance, turbulence is such an issue, when a plane exceeds it's maximum engineered speed, it just starts to disintegrate.

    4) The F 14 was retired in 2006.
    No additional explanation is needed… Unless the poster suggests these were civilian owned planes just out escorting a UFO as a public service?

    5) The sound effect doesn't match the flight.
    This sound effect matches a flight of real jets, or single jet, flying MUCH faster and at MUCH higher altitude. Though STILL much lower than usual altitudes. And it sounds like a single jet, not two plus a UFO…

    Still don't believe me? Take a look and listen at actual fighter jets flying low. Bear in mind that many are flying intentionally very slowly, and are flown by exhibition pilots, at near stall speeds or landing speeds. It's clear the ones flying near more normal speeds, as they are in sight for mere seconds…

    This video is OBVIOUSLY manufactured with software…

    The people making comments as if this video is real, such as "No surprises here. The USA has been experimenting with flying discs since ww2" You are morons…

  5. So they flew over head and about 5 seconds later your able to capture it again and they only made a distance of about 300 yards …lol .. maybe you should check how fast fighter jets go on fighter jet videos..

  6. mfs nowadays could get abducted and would be like "nah it was fake AF. that probe up my ass was total cgi." I saw a ufo this summer bit it was disappeared before I could get it on film but even if I did I probably wouldn't upload it cuz everyone would say it was fake. I don't know if it was alien or human but it was definitely real. and definitely dissappear before my very eyes in the middle of broad daylight and my coworker saw it too. I hear there is a war going on and some alien races are helping us against other more cynical races. I don't know if that or this video is real but I know what I saw and have seen other videos of the exact same thing. be prepared people the real space race is in full effect.


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