2005 Live/Studio Version from UFO “Lights out” album/CD. Phil Mogg(Vocals) Vinnie Moore(Guitar) Pete Way(Bass) Paul Raymond(Keyboards) Jason Bonham(Drums)



  1. My Favorite UFO Track Unfortunately the Guitar Player They Put After Michael OverPlays whats with the twangy Tremolos on the First Solo … Horrible Michael on the Original Nailed it by not overplaying .. these guys make it sound like a Guitar store demo for equipment ..Aah Gage me with a Fork..

  2. We can recognize all the greatest singer and guitar player in this case Phil and the magic mickael schenker even if it's not him on this streaming !
    His way of playing is awesome and the Flying V sounds great in his hands

  3. It's definitely not the same as
    Michael Schenker wrote and
    arranged, but still a good version
    of an all time classic.
    Vinnie Moore is the best fit
    for UFO, for UFO to keep
    moving forward.

  4. Jeff Lynne …. this is your best song ever. you nailed it! your voice your vocals everything about this song is perfect , always was . This is one song I could listen to over and over again.


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