Kumakalat ngayon sa social media ang mga video at larawan ng mga umano’y unidentfied flying objects o UFOs na nakunan ng ilang mga biyahero sa may Pampanga nitong Linggo. Subscribe to the…



  1. Ayaw pa aminin ng mga expert na may alien talaga eh. Para hindi matakot ang mga tao pero ang paniniwala ko may alien Talaga madami ng ibidensya nagtatangatangahan padin ba kayo?

  2. why duterte trying to buy jet fighter and military weapons…thats one of the reason…every president sits…thats the time they learned all top secrets …but militaries in totaly denial..so it dont cause panic…even ex president ronalf reagan…saw a ufo and pointed it out in live news…

  3. Oh my god.. the same as the “V” shape ufo sighting in us back in 1990 that was seen by thousands of residents hovering in phoenix arizona. It was infamously called “ the phoenix lights” go google it to know more what I’m talking about.

  4. This is not an accident they are real. Think again. And answer this "Are we alone" For me my answer will be NO. Because it proven that everything in universe has life so if you encounter this phenomena dont be amaze and scared. We need to celebrate because other visitor know that were not alone and can help each species to live and to support life


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