1.Oh My – 0:00 – 2:28 2.Crystal Light 2:28 – 6:17 3.Doctor Doctor 6:17 – 10:29 4.Space Child 10:29 – 14:31 5.Rock Bottom 14:31 – 21:03 6.Too Young to Know 21:03 – 24:14 7.Time on My Hands 24:14…



  1. Thanx Davier, you are the King for posting this.  UFO, the ultimate rock band for stoners everywhere.  Thanx again for sharing a masterpiece of musical history with us.  YOU ROCK for bringing back so many good memories and songs that I loved and yet had not heard them for over 30 years

  2. I bought this album at Music Box in Cheyenne the first few days after it was released. After hearing these guys rock on "Don Kirschner's Rock Concert", I had to have it. UFO was definitely one of the best bands to come out of the 70's. Schenker and Way kicked all of our asses, and we loved them for it. I was in high school at the time. Still one of my favorite rock albums ever.

  3. People often tend to listen to their favourite tracks, but if you don't listen to the WHOLE ALBUM sometimes, you'll miss gems like Crystal Light, Space Child and the awesome Queen of the Deep.

  4. you can tell that when they did this record, they sat back and looked at it and thought about it, and made sure that it was perfect. it is damn hard to think of everything, but here they did it. nothing had ever sounded like this, and nothing did, and nothing ever will. this is a landmark. i love this record. 🌪👻

  5. I love UFO, Scorpions, MSG, Uli Roth, and glad to be able to go back, when listening to these tunes. Saw Scorpions again, but for the last time, on their final tour in Sacramento. I could almost touch them!

    One regert I absolutely have is, my cousin invited me to UFO's concert in Santa Cruz, special gig since my cousin was the bassist for the opening band. YEAH, mark that moment for me, as an total time machine destination to fix.
    All you guys, Shenker brothers, Klaus, Phil, guys Scorpions need need need to do the old school stuff that I hear Uli Roth is doing in L.A. and they do in Europe.

    These guys are my favorites!

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