ArtAlienTV ” What looks like a UFO on Mars in Gale Crater. It is probably quite small and close to the rover but it is hard to tell. It may be some wind blown debris …



  1. If you take into consideration that the object’s components may be movable (for example, one part may rotate vertically, while another part may remain horizontal or “flat” relative to the planet below) it may actually be symmetrical. I counted five parts: two vaguely circular ones on the right, two vaguely circular ones on the left and a possible “control center” in the middle.

  2. Great find! and a Lucky find. Looks like windows around the top for blocking the wind. The back part (right hand that is) is a hard guess. Crane of some type? Drilling mechanism? NASA stir stick?

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  4. Reminds me of a flying Ray Gun!, but seriously whatever it is its mechanical & not animal in origined, it also seems to have a sun reflection on its haul casing when noticed more closely too!, & it's too perfectly straight angled edged in its structural designed to be a bird, now just look more closely again & again & again, could it be perhaps a weaponized martian observation drone device thats assigned to protect the roover while its wandering around in those potential hostile outback regions of mars that I'm speculating on???, but I can't stop thinking of it as NOT being some kind of advanced martian weapons sys while looking at that thing over & over & over again, but ill say that if it is infact a advanced drone, then it would be quite a awesome martian vr of a highly advanced weaponized drone flight sys imo. ☝️👨‍🚀

  5. One could speculate that there's a correlation between this object shown over Mars and the SpaceX recent 'loss' of Zuma… After all, many folk have been saying that there is life on Mars, whether that be alien or human, or indeed a mixture of the two, for a couple of decades or more…

    Moreover, these 'losses' would naturally be 'explained away' as having re-entered earths atmosphere and come down in the ocean. However, since that's hush hush, and they have not published where, when, why and how, whom can possibly believe anything they say? We've only their word for it that the lost part re-entered earths atmosphere. The links below; and there are so many of them to research, could lead to explanations, albeit speculations, but what else do we have but speculation?

    Discerning folk will know that we are all being blatantly lied to and deceived in whichever way these Space Organisations can accomplish to hide what they know.

    Whatever the true story is we will probably never know. That thing in the sky above Mars looked as if it was jettisoning either smoke, or something else over Mars as it sped by. One thing's for sure, whatever that thing is, it ain't a Bird, unless it's a mechanical one.

    ""SpaceX’s latest rocket may have launched successfully – but the mission didn’t end as a win. The Zuma payload it was carrying, a mysterious classified piece of cargo for the U.S. government believed to be a spy satellite, was lost after it failed to separate from the second stage of the rocket after the first stage of the Falcon 9 separated as planned and returned to Earth.

    The WSJ reports, and we’ve confirmed separately, that the payload is thought to have fallen back through the Earth’s atmosphere after reaching space, because of the failure to separate. The failure is one that can happen when cargo doesn’t properly detach as planned, since the second stage is designed to fall back to Earth and burn up in re-entry.

    SpaceX had launched as planned on January 7 in its target window, and recovered the first stage of the booster with a landing at its Cape Canaveral facility. Because of the nature of the mission, coverage and information regarding the progress of the rocket and its payload from then on was not disclosed.""


    And then from: LATimes/Business

    ""SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell pushed back against reports that her company's Falcon 9 rocket may have malfunctioned during Sunday's launch of a classified spy satellite.

    News reports said the satellite, named Zuma, may have plunged back toward Earth. But Shotwell reiterated in a statement Tuesday morning that "after review of all data to date, Falcon 9 did everything correctly on Sunday night."

    "If we or others find otherwise based on further review, we will report it immediately," she said. "Information published that is contrary to this statement is categorically false."

    The loss, if it was determined to be a failure of SpaceX hardware, could be a "real threat" to the company's future defense business, said Loren Thompson, defense analyst at the Lexington Institute.""*


  6. It could have been a little meteorite that hit the upper layer of the atmosphere. That would mean that they briefly light up brightly and leave a splash/static charge in the atmosphere, as this one but only for a very short period.

  7. Hey I swear to God I have been taking photos here or video and something will streak by EVEEY SINGLE TIME over last 6 months so I slowed down the video and got the frames and still shots and what I'm picking up here in TEXAS is IDENTICAL. It looks alot like a strange wasp almost but it's not. They are so fast most don't notice but I've seen so many I look for them now. They are everywhere. I can send you photos if you want to pick them apart but I'm positive about the match. Nice job btw

  8. Hi JoeI don't think it is any coincidence that the arm on the rover is interacting with the soil at the exact same time that object is in the air. It may be something that has been flipped up and because of the lighter gravity has gone higher and further than would be expected here on Earth. Cheers Joe keep up the good work. MF.

  9. Why nasa isn’t telling us…. there is/ was a lost civilization on Mars. Looks to me there still there. Oh what we could learn. To “THEM” we are infants with our Technology

  10. Could it be a drone or something being thrown like a boomerang, for example? It sort of reminds me of a kite being flown, but that really doesn't seem logical I suppose.

  11. You guys know it just a rock lol sorry had to do it…. All joke aside awesome catch probably one of our craft on mars….another thing I have notice over the years that no other country has been able to land a rover or anything on mars except the USA I think they shoot down anything that try to land there …thinking USA is keeping the mars stuff to their self

  12. Top notch catch! I wish we were up there and seeing these things real time here. I believe we are being monitored. Certainly watched by somethings or someones or both.

  13. I believe its most likely a drone, we need to have a smaller devise that can go where the rover is unable to climb,, makes the most sense! the question is from what earth agency was this sent… USA, ? Europe? great day to you Sass

  14. After a screen grab of both pics, the shadows of the rover’s arm and cluster of instruments at the bottom of the arm don’t seem to match. Shouldn’t the shadow of vertical arm and it’s instruments be thicker?

  15. I think it is a drone of some kind. Maybe watching the rover. What if there are beings living inside Mars & they have been watching the rovers all these years with drones like these. That would be awesome if it were true.

  16. It does appear to be behind the arm. Look just above what looks to be a velcro strap wrapped around the top part of the arm and you’ll see something sticking out that isn’t in the next photo.

  17. Mr. White, cool catch. Getting my TY CH. started. A long way to go but experimenting! I sit sometimes at night and just watch your channel. How I wish I could go to Mars and explore and really see. That coffin with gold really tripped me out. Guess it was a Cemetery. Sad.
    Check you later.

  18. Left and Right Stereo images were taken simultaneously to make 3d pics. The left image shows an object in a position that could be hidden by the obstruction shown in the right side image,. Sure looks like you got something there.


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