Opening sequence of the seventies cult series UFO.



  1. When I was a kid watching this, I loved the brown car they built for this show.  I've seen far worse cars that were built in 1980,the Chevy Citation comes to mind, but not a bad guess at a ten-year automotive style forecast.

  2. It's funny, because it's based off Gerry Anderson's stuff like Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds… Then X-com jumped off on one side of this… and you'll never believe it but the guys behind Neon Genesis Evangelion admitted they took a lot of stuff directly from here. Straker=Gendo Ikari.

  3. …used to watch this amazin series in '76-' 77 at the romanian national tv channel … never lost a single episode …I still remember the last one when they finally caught an alien alive , but he died in the surgery room ….I went to my neighbour to watch that episode together and her mom gave us candies to not cry anymore after the end ,,,,good times…..

  4. @farmerne Ever played X-COM: UFO Defense? (NOT the new cookie-cutter shooter by 2k, the 1994 original)

    It's also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown, and is pretty much literally a video game version of this show. (though with 80s style instead of 70s)

  5. This series just BEGS for a modern day remake!

    It's a great and unusual twist on the "alien invasion" story. Instead of a massive invasion like in "Independence Day" or "War of the Worlds", Earth is under slow but steady attack by mysterious aliens who want to use us to maintain their own dying bodies.

  6. I remember one of the first episodes, it was said that the reason the aliens were coming here was that they suffered from hereditary sterility . I other words, if your parents couldn't have any children……chances are, neither can you :). I loved that show as a kid.. Saw every single episode.

  7. As a child (preschool) I had repeated dreams of being on a ship of some sort, I had a battle station and to get to it I had to slide down a chute like they do in this movie, it brought it all back so vividly that it really creeped me out.

  8. it is on netflix. also amazon got it I believe but be careful, I had to get a dvd form england that was formatted for that aree,
    I got the six million dollar man bionic woman, bigfoot and wildboy, but they would not work on america dvds players.
    so i got one of theirs, one great britins amazon website they have a better stuff on it that you cannot get here in usa

  9. I loved this show! Why can't they have shows like this anymore with HOT go-go girls in short skirts that actually act sexy. Now-a-days it's hard to tell the men from the (butch-like) women because the writers are so obcessed with having the women act like tough men.

  10. I always wondered how the docking of the skydiver with the submarine could be managed. It was never shown in the series 🙂
    By the way: I read that they plan a movie based on this series in a few years.

  11. Thanks for the great info. I had no idea what killed that show. I wonder, or perhaps I dont understand, but, if Anderson went ahead and made "1999", then why did he not continue with UFO? Thanks!

  12. The 'pacing' of British shows are considerably different…I think this show had 'fantastic' sets and creativity..but maybe the directors & scripts were not geared for 'American' audiences! I am not taking anything away from this show..I like it a lot but probably why the American attention span in the 70's was 'changing' so much.

  13. The series was recorded in the late 60's / early 70's and purported to SHOW what the 1980's would look like. Sorry, NO Deloreans back then but the gull door feature was cool. Ironically it was the American Dirtibution that KILLED the series. ITV could not afford to make the show without American syndication. When that dissappeared, Anderson opted for another space series taking place even later in time, "Space 1999". most folks don't realize that Moonbase Alpha was SUPPOSED to be for UFO.


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