UFO Sighting in Texas.



  1. Ive seen simular ufo with family and friends also strangers at the beach on the east coast , zig zagged , hoovered and it lasted about 20 min then took off same way very fast with ease yet no sound though . I believe this is real. Maybe hard to believe but if ever truely witness and experience you would differ. Also soon after it took off 3 military choppers in go to area and circle the area. Guess ufo got spooked and military were late on the seen.

  2. So here is internet logic:

    A video footage of a UFO or supernatual/paranormal with a blurry and low quality resolution.
    Reactions: People use low quality camera's and shit to make it difficult to tell it's fake!

    A video footage of a UFO or supernatural/paranormal with a clear a high quality resolution.
    Reactions: This is so fake! 100% CGI! GTFO!


  3. Sombody find Bob Lasar and ask him if this is the sport model he talked about using element 115… Look just as he said it would… Three antigravity units on the bottom…. Also the ship sounds electrical….


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