man starts freaking out and yelling at UFO’s in the air after a second sighting the “UFO’s” appear in the same area. man freaks out and yells to shoot at the UFO.



  1. military sky diving group with flares on their feet, show me a video where the ufo defies gravity and physics, ie. moves suddenly in a zig zag pattern in 3 dimensions over great distances, when you see a ufo just floating along with the wind or at a steady pace consistent with gravity you have nothing

  2. Fantastic footage. Local news said it was sky divers yet no plane except for the red ball as it came in. My question is he said they have been coming to this location before. I wanna know what happened when they landed and where. They walk among us folks

  3. when someone debates to claim as proof something that, as of yet, is lacking quantified data in substantial irrefutable. form but instead claiming arrogance. as proof….your a bona fide idiot. until that possibility is reality my mental midget, we operate in a adult world. science and medicine, justice system, education and research,….ring a bell bilbo? data. its arrogant to give such respect to what is probably real, just not in this reality.gnite lobo!

  4. Not to be a total stick in the mud or anything but that is likely to be an LUU-2B/B flare that burns for 3-5 minutes. Though this may very well not be the case and it could be left unexplained. I just think that flares are much more plausible than UFO's. lol


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