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  1. Why is it that in these and all other "sightings" (usually witnessed by many people,) only one person has the presence of mind to use his cell phone camera? Because it's all fake, duh! If these were real sightings, there should be many, many different videos from many different angles because virtually everyone in the free world owns a smart phone. You see how fast people pull out their iPhones to film anything of any interest at all (especially their food, for some ridiculous reason); these videos abound on YouTube. But EVERY SINGLE UFO "sighting" is caught by only one camera, always from so far away the picture is incredibly blurry (making the faking all the easier).

    If any of this were real, assholes like these wouldn't have to create fake footage.

  2. TESLA TECH with blue thrusters are ours Military run by super computers sats,underground bases in new mex,and mexico deserts.crop circle hoax,time travel,past recordings,wifi ball lightings,spears I have seen them and other UFOs for over 53 years.

  3. I feel very lost in what I saw,shock even.yea and panic,i saw 4 ufos.in the sky over stratford upon avon,uk22nd sep2017@4am….truth,p.s.check it out?i did never expect to ever claim to have seen anything so bizzar,,,in my life,,look to the sky people some thing is goin on??…juliex…the truth so help me god…..

  4. Day UFO's find out I am only man who's suffered 2 traumatic brain injuries (first coma suffered I was in lasted 4 days, and second coma I was in lasted 2 days), graduated college, been on 4 different mission trips to Iowa, Texas, New Orleans with church members to help heal houses, and repair school's library, and I worked for AmeriCorps, UFO's will want to learn knowledge I have about how to prosper after suffering traumatic life changing accidents, becoming a church member, married, and I have a 6 years old daughter UFO's desire my knowledge about how to live. I invite them doing so they will learn.  nn.rackham@mail.com


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