The Belgian Air Force discusses sightings there in 1990 and the use of F-16 jets to locate them along with radar. Recorded in 1993.



  1. Bashar sent me here 😀

    The high acceleration, speed and maneuvers are possible because they have the ability to define the craft as one object. Instead of it being a hollow cube with smaller cubes inside (which would cause havoc at high speeds) it is defined as one object and thus behaves very differently.

  2. 'The speeds would be impossible to tolerate for a human being, the vision observations always describe a system, a machine which hangs and hovers at quite a low altitude without making any noise, with the current technology that would be impossible'
    – Wilfried de Brouwer, Chief of Operations, Belgian Air Staff

  3. I don't need proof.
    Exact same UFO seen exactly 10 yrs earlier in 1980 by me, my brother and a friend.

    What I find weird is that around 20 yrs later a man came on the nightly news telling all of us belgians that the picture he took (supposedly the only one around) was a fake made by himself…

    Now try put yourself in my place and tell me what's fake… the ufo, the picture, the official story or my eyesight…

  4. It's pretty hard to refute a combination of eyewitness accounts of both military and civilian personnel, mass witness accounts (instead of just a handful of people), and ATC tower radar pinging these objects pulling maneuvers that create g forces that would kill pilots instantly. And this has not just been the case in Belgium but elsewhere, including the U.S.

    It's naive to think the govt's of the world would be open with information about these sorts of things with their own citizens much less anyone else. There's a multitude of reasons for that and I find none of them to be valid. This openness by the Belgian Air Force is commendable but not only was it decades ago, their transparency was and continues to be a fluke which is rarely, if ever, repeated by anyone else.

    However, it's possible that as more information becomes available on phenomenon like this and similar cases released to the public that certain govt's have little to no control over that eventually they will have no choice but to confront us with at least some of the information they've gathered over the decades.

    And for those who are claiming it's part of a secret govt. project, I think not. There is evidence of these objects erratic flight patterns from well before we saw the most fledgling of drone technology. Not to mention the thousands of eyewitness accounts from well before we had developed beyond basic flight principles, some of which can be discounted, but not all.

    There is solid information out there on all of this but it requires you to filter out a lot of content that is either fake or lacks credibility. You have to go out and search for this wealth of information on your own though because we can't expect mainstream media around the world to cover topics like this to any reasonable extent. They've all sold their souls and been bought out by massive corps with a vested interest in guarding certain types of information or are heavily controlled by their government.

    The best way to ensure your intellectual freedom is to proactively pursue information on your own accord and from multiple sources outside the norm, outside the mainstream.

  5. Exactly
    I saw these kind of things go from dead still hover, no air distrubance no sound, no affect on tree or grass below it, to, suddenly 300 or 400' straight up, then right across the valley (about a mile) then dead stop.
    No acceleration at all, just *snaps fingers* suddenly travelling at incredible speed, then dead stop, no deceleration. No sonic boom.
    Dead clear sky. Thousands of people saw such all across Southern Scotland in 1981. Folk in Moffat saw it right in their faces and I was one.

  6. sigh and there is the constant damn mistake folk keep making: HUBRIS! :/
    Genuine science has a huge caveat: "These are the facts, as best we know them, TODAY"
    Just because current knowledge cannot explain a phenomena, doesn't mean it is not real! Merely that we do not understand it yet.
    I've seen these things, once, at heights as low as 60' and 200 yards away, no "spy plane" can fly like that, right angle turns! it's impossible but who knows what tech or realities may exist: we know so LITTLE!

  7. The question is, wether you can trust the radar data of the F-16… – since it seems impossible to achieve such acceleration with current technology (burning fuel / thrusters etc..). (- and no: I don't believe we are visited from another planet.)

  8. I saw the exact same thing with a friend of mine 2years ago. We both wern't sober buth we both saw strange flying objects. When i was a young boy i saw a light orb in the sky. I went to pee , when i was done i took another look and the orb hoovered away. I havn't figured out if it was real or imagionation (a young boys fantasy could be misleading lol)

  9. It wasn't my point to state that was your point. I wanted to add a supporting comment to your statement, stating that individuals need to open there mind that they are not at the center of the universe.

  10. That wasn't my point. I was wondering if it could be achieved by unmanned aircrafts. Maybe even 'secret' human technology. So that it wouldn't necessarily be an extra-terrestrial craft at work.

  11. "accelerations would be impossible to tolerate for a human being." with the technology that we know of. It would be very ignorant to think because we can not do it… that it can not be done…

  12. I dont understand the point ,,US goverment said it was not theirs secret plane" So what? of course they will deny secret plane if it is SECRET! come on!. They denied area 51 for more than 40years. and that was something everybody knew about. So how can you trust ANY US goverment statement?!?

  13. Question:

    He, the officer, said that the accelerations would be impossible to tolerate for a human being.

    But what if it were an unmanned aircraft? Could the accelerations and other maneuvers be possible or have been possible back in 1990? Anybody know?

  14. @Piratfabbe i dont need 2 be a religious person to maybe start thinking that this objects , lights, and encounters aren`t inter-galactic but inter-dimensional…who knows really whats is going on?! but aliens from outspace that cames here from sooo far just to scare a farmboy is for me out of place… i do believe we are dealing with what Enoch in his Book wrote about it….Fucking Fallen Angels and a Huge Alliance of who knows what!!!….. PEACE!! (sorry 4 my english its not so good)

  15. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. It's a fact that many things that fit that description have been observed over the years.
    With that i'm saying that it's not a matter of believing in UFOs, since they are a fact.
    Believing in extra-terrestrial visitiors, on the other hand, is another matter entirely.

  16. A question I would ask is: Does ANYBODY really think that this or any other UFO is actually from another world? It may be horribly arrogant to suggest that we are alone in the Universe BUT, it would VASTLY more arrogant to assume that such craft would not be seen by us down here on the ground. Either that, or they think it doesn't matter because nothing Earth has can catch us. Americans will, of course, deny it's theirs for many reasons. If it's true though, what price the Russians..?

  17. the closest thing ive came to an ufo is this circular plate-shaped object with colors on the bottom "shifting" in the air, it was a night a few years ago when i was walking home from a wedding. my parents seen it too

  18. "The Americans denied it was a secret spy plane"
    if there was one they wouldn't say: Oh yeah that was the secret spy plane that no one knows about, sorry and please don't tell anyone!!

    Respect to whoever thought of that lineXD


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