UFO Spotted: The video was filmed in 2004 and investigated as part of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. It’s not clear if the object was ever identified. The New York Times…



  1. its a fly in the lens look at how it moves with the plane cnn neil gegrasse tyson says it dont mean its from another planet or alliens it just means you dont know what your looking at ufo

  2. It's a potato it's a potato! I figured it out! Hulk through potato and it reached the Elder bit of the atmosphere and then fell down and then turned into a UFO and then Flew Over California or San Diego wherever this thing was filmed

  3. If all these military pilots have supposedly seen these so-calleed flying saucers then why havent they shot one down ? If a military plane is being harrassed by another aircraft its perfectly within rules of engagement to defend. Whatever it is, they should know better than to mess with a fighter jet and quite frankly have it coming. If for no other reason shoot it down to make an example out of it for the others, I guarantee you this stuff would stop real fast if one were blown out of the sky. If by chance it was real and shot dowmn then the govt could study it but most likely they would waste a missile on an illusion.

  4. lol if you guys think U.S fighter plots were mistaken you gotta be retarded. the video is what it is. low quality but either way its a craft moving against the wind and it was important enough that the military decided to follow it. do you really think these pilots would do all this for a bug on the lense?

  5. I wish everyone wouldn't jump to conclusions, it's probably not aliens, but some private company inventing fancy drones/flying vehicles. There's billions of people alive only takes 1 to S discover a new form of transport

  6. at 0:26 does he say LDOS in the unclear part. Had a friend in military that ran radar. told me he picked up things coming out the ocean or appear outta thin air on radar they called them Lost Data On Screen. was curios


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