UFO Video From Airplane Window Spain ! Apr 2017 April 2017 – Spain. Passenger in airplane filmed amazing footage of UFO in the sky of Spain. Click here to read the complete article : http://adf….



  1. I was talking to my friend who is a pilot for Alaska Airlines about UFOs. We were on a bowling league in 2006 when I told him about the O'hairre UFO incident ..He said personally he hasn't seen anything out of the ordinary but many of the pilots he knows have seen things unexplainable. He couldn't go into detail but it was interesting telling him about the O' haire thing.

  2. I’ve seen a huge colorful ufo right over my old elementary school back in like 08 maybe but it was 4th of July fireworks going off everywhere and I’m at a friends and we step outside his place to the front door and we can clearly see a HUGE colorful saucer so close just hovering and spinning and the weirdest thing is we both didn’t even say a word we jus starred and his younger siblings came out and lost it they ran up to the schools back gate guarding the field the ufo was over and also there was a news van with absolutely nobody in it. When we got to the gate it was like I went deaf I couldn’t hear anything at all I still didn’t even say a word I don’t even remember walking away from it or seeing it leave it was there and I seen it came closer and everything just went back to normal I guess I don’t know but I couldn’t remember the incident and never spoke about it till years later when I started watching shit about UFOs and a memory just clicked in my head and I could remember the whole thing

  3. This one has me more than 50% convinced. The way the sunlight glints around the perimeter (and perhaps off structural variations as can be seen in the close up) as it moves PLUS the angle of shadow and, my god, how the shadow "wraps" itself over the 3D clouds…wow. Maybe George Lucas' work…maybe a bit TOO sci-fi. If it's not fake, it should at least get an interview with some special effects company.

  4. oh..I believe there's other worlds throughout the cosmos..far older than our world..book of Enoch states that God created 186.0000 earth like world's..earth is the youngest and last world with life created…so.. actually we not alone in the cosmos….

  5. The government has been hiding the existence of UFOs for decades. Now imagine all the technologies the goverment has been hiding also. There are over 5,000 patents that has been declared a national security. Technologies that are 20 years to over 10,000 years ahead of anything we have now. The military has it, but they are not shaing it with us, but using some of these advanced technologies against us.


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