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  1. Something is going into my kitchen in my refrigerator every night sucking up my pineapple juice!
    If this was alien collecting water, they wouldn't have taken this dirty nasty diseased water… They would have taken the Ebola stricken water in Africa at least! Aliens aren't dumb..

  2. Do you remember the Book of Job ? his family was killed in a whirlwind , in which was caused by satan, not The Lord. think about it, and to seed their man made clouds, they need to suck up water !

  3. It looks to me like the "triangle shape" behind the "UFO" is following behind it or being emitted from the back of it as it flies across the sky on both sides of the "water spout"…. it does look to me like it's possible that the triangular formation might be a separate object on the other side of the clouds and only becomes visible at thinner patches of cloud.

  4. Dude. It’s a water spout. It’s a natural phenomenon. It’s a tornado on water. There’s a white bird that flies across during the video. A BIRD. Not an alien in a ufo LOL!


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