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David Icke EXPOSING Global Censorship

David Icke exposes the truth about global cencorship source

Is Jeff Bezos A Modern Day Slave Driver?

As the owner of both Amazon and the Washington Post Jeff Bezos seems to have some surprisingly unprogressive policies on the treatment of workers. Should the public boycott Amazon and the rest of Bezos’s companies? Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free […]

David Icke 2017 ☯ You Work, You Buy, You Consume, & Then Its Over

David Icke 2017 ☯ You Work, You Buy, You Consume, & Then Its Over #DAVIDICKE #DAVIDICKE2017 #DAVIDICKEUPDATE #ALIENS #DAVIDICKECONFERENCE #DAVIDICKEDEUTSCH #DAVIDICKEILLUMINATI #DAVIDICKETHISWEEK #DAVIDICKECONFERENCE2017 David Icke Deutsch 2017: David Icke Illuminati 2017: Subcribers For Chanel: Thank You For Watching! source

Vegas Massacre Looks Like Another FBI Cover-Up: 10/15/17 Full Show

Sunday, October 15th: Deadliest Blaze In California History – Massive wildfires are sweeping California, leaving 40 dead and reducing whole neighborhoods to ash. Fallout from the Weinstein scandal continues as the disgraced producer is booted from the Motion Picture Academy and 3 more women come forward with rape allegations. We’ll discuss what the Weinstein scandal […]

The Reptilian Agenda – David Icke [complete] – Part 1.1.4

The Reptilian Agenda with David Icke and Credo Mutwa – the complete series. The movie is split into two major parts numbered as x,y,zz (i.e.: 1.2.11 – part I, slice 2, clip 11). This is a must see for everyone… real history is being re-written! source