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  1. this question has been on my mind, at first it seems like a morally linear situation, for either choice. Initially I did agree to eating it. But on thought, now what if eating a hamburger ( which means an animal has to be killed) is replaced by one human being is killed and we get the $10 million. Does that change the answer? For me it did, which clearly unearthed my subconscious and subtle existence of specism . And in the journey of growth, I now stand with a new answer, and better understanding of my self. The answer would be no hamburger needs to be eaten.

  2. hmm interesting i really respect that you would say yes to that Ted, i think that shows who the true vegan is… i would have to think about it for a while, it would make me very anxious to eat meat, but in the end i would do what is best for the animals (take to 10 million and burger)

  3. No. I wouldn't. No way. Why? Because I believe that the ends don't justify the means. The energy of the means I use will be reflected in some way in the end result. Integrity is priceless.

  4. I think not, if you go down that road of eating a burger than who knows what else you can do for 100 million dollars! You have to draw the line somewhere, as long as there are other alternatives I rather choose those where I can remain always a vegan.

  5. Give me that burger already! 😀 But serious, the support and promotion for a fruity plantbased lifestyle through that money would be totally worth it. Harley the shit cunt would do it for less, so would I ! lol ;D

  6. Sorry but I wouldn't eat the burger. I don't want to eat even one single animal ever again :/
    And I probably would get the worst stomach cramps/pain ever. I've had experience with that before.

  7. I could probably get down a hamburger knowing all the good I could do after that, but if I had to kill the cow to get the same amount of money – I'm not sure if I could. And…I wish some meat eater would make the donation to make this idea real. : > )

  8. I would eat the burger for sure. Then I would spew out the best Youtube videos and hold the largest, most delicious fruit/vegan festivals in all the major cities so there would be a mass amount of more exposure

  9. It would be naive for someone living in this world to think they aren't contributing to the demise of animals and the environment. Having a vegan diet is one major way of reducing your impact and saving nature. But by merely living in a city using technologies, products of agriculture (as they r), electricity etc we cause plenty harm. So I would in a heart beat consume the big Mac, with prayer of gratitude for that animals true sacrifice. A vegan world is inevitable …10million or not 🙂

  10. Hey Ted : strange question : Do you think your hair is getting thicker due to no – fap (if it is getting thicker)? Besides mental benefits to no – fap, do you see any outstanding physical benefits?


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