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  1. It really does feel nice to hear this man talking about the spiritual side of daily life and keeping it real and simple. It s been such an important part of my life. Also , i kept and still keeping it to my self . Sometimes i ve been ridiculed when i opened my self about ít some years ago ( especially in France , they are very cartesians) . The worse was when i didnt listen my instinct , my intuations. It s actually dangerous to ignore it, it can prevent danger and guide you to the right people and the right places. I feel like sharing now , i ve experienced so much already , and i m less afraid of shaming now that it s all opening . I m glad to see this major evolution happening. I thought it would never happen while i was a teen . Im 40 now !

  2. Good stuff Dan. For me and the wife, passing of son did it for us. I think maybe about a year before that it started. Maybe that was a way to get an onramp started so we would have some foundation before getting lost in grief process. I can see that could easily happen to folks. Now we talk to spirit almost daily. It is a great gift and we try to treat it as such. Anyone, keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Spot on champ… I'm 34 female and Australian… Its like my thoughts and feelings just repeated themselves to me right out of your mouth… Life is awesome the world is waking up together.. Let's just hope we have the time to make this world the place it should be.. Xo I will get your book and pass it on to people

  4. there's a problem.. that I had seen many times before from people of the usa…
    they are very.. ,nmmm.,, don't get angry at me for this.. but "plastic" … usa people don't have much spirituality, the rest of the world DOES .. very spìritual people all over the world.. and mm… let's say, "the western world".. is waking up.. for that.. they are behind. someway or another.. BUT.. what I'm trying to say is…// the think when THEY say "the world" they don't realise, it is only "their world" … they think they can speak for the WORLD.. a great miskate there…. so.. " they should say.. "Our usa world" or.. "our western philosophy world " not use the concept like the WHOLE world is USA.. because.. it is not. they are they… and we are we. we are not the same. so… don't get me wrong, your VIEW.. it is not the VIEW of the world.. every place in the world is different.. with dfiferent views.. but I've seen a lot of americans talking about "the world" like if the only opinion of the world is from the USA … or the western world opinion" .. and that is wrong.

  5. Wow! Thank you. I awakened in April this year and the similarities with your story is amazing. I too started off working it out for myself and started passing messages over to friends and family. I now believe that was for me to learn to trust my intuition. When I start automatic writing, it obviously changes with the message that comes through. Now I see synchronicity everywhere when I am on the right track, which guides me as to which path to follow. Namaste.


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