Film By Ryan Dawson War By Deception: 9/11, Iraq, PNAC, All Roads Lead …



  1. Sorry there's actally quite good reason to think that the moon landings were faked. It's people that dismiss people as 'kooks' without checking their facts that I think have a bit if a problem. And you wonder why people can think they can get away with labelling you a 'kook'.
      It obviously isn't as important an issue as this but as far as i'm concerened they were faked and for the same reason you shouldn't pretend that false flag terror attack don't happen because there are many who don't agree because they haven't looked in to them, people shouldn't feel they have to pretend the believe the moon landings were genuine if after considering and weighing up the evidence they've decided that they weren't.
      We aren't obliged to swallow every bit of bs peddled to us by the media and govenment if it sounds and looks like bs.

  2. I find this a great investigation of events – I can imagine a lot of work went into it.   I disagree when you claim "a missile did not hit the Pentagon", "a plane hit the Pentagon".  From the many videos I've seen,  there appears to be conclusive evidence that a plant DID NOT hit the Pentagon.  This evidence included the woman, carrying her child who went out through the round hole and did not see any evidence of a plane, plus the size of the original hole before the collapse of the wall could not have been make by said plane – physically impossible.  Did you interview this woman?It would be nice if you would do research on secret societies that President Kennedy alluded to in his last?  speech.  I agree that such information clouds the issues presented here and perhaps need to be excluded from films such as yours, however they do, It seems, play a part in accomplishing the New World Order – would you agree?

  3. dude, you can't make a 3 hours video and expecting me to change the volume on every article.
    can't you normalize all sounds to … -3 dB or whatever?

    good luck dude! you risked a lot. my respect.

  4. we learn have to learn to separate the difference between people within a government or military who abuses their power and resources they hold because of their position within said government or military …if they choose to be involved in evil doings on their own ..that does not mean this acts are "state sanctioned".A US soldier raped a female prisoner in Iraq and held her captive on a US military base …the soldier acted on his own..The us military may have been complacent in covering the rape up but that does not mean the rape was a "state sanctioned military operation".Their are many good people with good intensions who work for the US or Israeli government..The US often uses Israel as a Patsy !There has never been a Jewish president..if Israel had as much power as people carry on that would not be the case

  5. …. Jews of semitic origins and Jewish Caucasians : which are the most numerous ?
    is the support of the West to the Jews mainly based on the fact some of these Jews are of Caucasian origins … that means the origins of most European emigrants who people the U.s.a. ?
    the rejection of the Arab people as semitics does not imply the rejection of the Jews who are descendants of Israel ( also known as Jacob Peace be upon Him) in the definition generally given to the word "antisemitism" in the west … are we to understand that the presence of Caucasian Jews disrupts the perception of semitic people by the Americans of Caucasian type for example ?


  7. My favorite Ryan Dawson comment:

    "Ultimately, The Military Industrial Complex means to monopolize resources, destroy potential economic and military rivals, devalue currencies to wipe out the middle class, and rule with impunity as corporate oligarchs in a globalized shadow government."

    I believe you are correct Mr. Dawson. Well said.

  8. did anyone,,,i mean anyone get arrested for any of these crimes in government,,>?my god people,,if no one was arrested but promoted,,,they will do this again,,,the people of the united states deserve everything they get,,,this is just criminal,,,but no one knows what thatr means any more,,,this is because the press is corupted,,there all owned by jewish corps owners,,all media,,,abc,,nbc,,cbs,,cnn,,msnbc,,,all are corupt and owned by jews.

  9. Haven't watched all of it but ….What?? You actually think that a plane hit the Pentagon? Come on!!! Your explanation for lack of video evidence (in spite of 48 cameras mounted on the perimeter of the building), "to hide secondary explosions" is weak at best. I'll watch the rest another day, and I'll comment accordingly…

  10. 911 WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED. This would make a great T-shirt. 

    If you ever get a chance to ask a house rep. a question ask them "HOW DID YOU PERSONALLY PROFIT BY VOTING YES TO THE AFGHAN AND IRAQ WAR.?"

    This is a great informative video. Only 1 suggestion. Show your face and identify yourself at the start because at the beginning and for some time afterwards your voice sounds like you are a high schooler doing a project and I almost turned you off, lost interest and I'm sure you are losing viewers early on because of this.

  11. I would like an american to explain to me how is it your senators question John kerry in such a vigorous way including discussing scientific methods for the Iran deal where as there is absolutely no desire to ask any questions even when 3 buildings free fall front of your eyes on 9/11! So is it that american people are stupid enough to vote for them or is that that they are fully aware and happy to kill their own people to ensure Israeli military edge in the middle east??


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