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  1. One day a powerful man will bring Satan the Devil up to Earth for a short time and everything will be Illegal… Until you know it, the powerful man will destroy every single person on Earth. He will then bring all good people back to life, Satan will be PUNISHED for millions of years, bad people will be with him, he will put all good people in a new world, we will have to start all over on life, all wild animals will no longer attack humans, no dying, sickness, pain and crying. But what will happen to Aliens…

  2. I'm a life long follower of this phenomena and I've seen a lot of videos, but there were a few here I have never seen before. Thanks. However, lights in the sky are the weakest videos of all.

  3. 99.9999% of the crap you here about "Aliens" and "UFO's" has been engineered to make you fear the unknown. We mastered gravity in the 50's after shooting down 2 craft in Roswell using longitudinal scalar waves. Ever since then we have been reverse engineering not only the craft but also the DNA of the occupants, effectively making extremely realistic craft and "aliens" that the Cabal have been using to terrorize the masses and abduct millions of people, put them through a terrible experience under the guise of ET, let the media run with it then you have a self perpetuating lie based in fear…..a lie that states aliens want out sperm/ovaries/gold or whatever and they are hear to enslave us….The government documents that speak of this topic use the term "stagecraft" to refer to all of the theatrics we've developed to basically scare the piss out of the masses and ingrain in them the fear of ET and things from outter space…when in reality the whole notion of a malevolent ET is nonsensical. To project our own human characteristics to the the rest of the universe is homocentric and short sided….if you are a species of interstellar/dimensional beings….what could you possibly need to take from lesser species….you have the entire universe at your fingertips…there is nothing here on earth that doesn't already exist in abundance throughout the entire universe….anyways, i know i am saying all this is vain…people will still want to believe that the evil aliens want our sperm and gold and to put things up our butts….whatever…if you want answers…go out at night and ask…that's all it takes. Go out at night, sit down, meditate, broadcast your location with Coherent Thought Sequencing….I use to believe the whole evil alien thing too….until i realized that it has been within human capability since 1954 to fake it all, couple that with the fact that understanding their modes of transportation would mean the complete dismantling of the multi trillion dollar hydrocarbon industry…there isn't a single aspect of our lives that will not change if the technology was allowed to come out and be used peacefully…but there is no money that, in fact the energy systems needed don't fit a capitalistic paradigm because the supply is virtually endless…the law of supply and demand cannot contain the paradigm shift required to bring real peace and knowledge to the world….so again, if you've read this far, just realize that the whole evil alien agenda is a lie, when the sky is filled with invading space ships remember that it's all a lie, it's not ET, it's us. Look into the work of ex Nazi scientist Wernher Von Braun and Carol Rosin, also Steven Greer. Be warned however that within the last several years several smear campaigns have arisen against all three, at first glance you will say "fraud fraud fraud" just like I did, but then I actually did the protocols after watching the Sirius Documentary and now I've helped found the first official CE-5 group in my state. Truth is first denied, then ridiculed, then violently opposed right before it's accepted.

  4. Sorry folks but earth humans are beyond these aliens, we have a Soul and know Love that was Given to Us By OUR CREATOR,GOD. In God's word He said that He Created Earth and ALL the Other Heavenly Bodies, the other forms of Life could be like us in all ways, others could be totally unlike us, I just try to have a open mind on these things but One thing for sure, I do know God as Lord and Savior and my wish for mankind is that All get to know Him in a Devine Way…

  5. this is there planet. we are just some off shoot that they used to build what they need for power and to harvest gold. They did not fly 1000,s of light years to get hear. they have always been hear. this is there world and we are an invasions' species that they will deal with in there own time.

  6. Nenhuma dessas imagens são E.T umas são montagens, outras asteroides e a última o planeta vénus. Esse último eu cansei de ver a olho nu la pelas 5 da manhã a leste do sol nascente e bem grande por sinal.

  7. God put Cain in charge of the universe, aliens} {gave the Torah
    And Kings are responsible for Cain. Cain is responsible for the functioning of human beings and bring them the name.
    The bonus of this Cain are not increased. Cain has mind control over people only sinners.
    That the only way he can control them.
    These honest and good. Cain could not them. Cain is a murderer and serial abuses in humans.
    Ttabo aliens to their spaceship raped you without limit, going to chop off your head
    The other body ..

  8. IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO IFO military ship made by us military flown by us military escorted sometimes by us military. Its ALL HUMAN MADE. Time to wake up hobbits, your asleep

  9. Yes, I believe UFO's are Real, ,but 90% of your Photos and Videos that you post are either out of FOCUS, SHAKY OR BLURRY, why do you even put them up on here
    ?…come on, man, try a little harder. Ridiculous


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