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  1. Were suppose to come together and stand, but the realization is we will not be great again with the left, they are that far gone and filled with hate, we need to push them to cali or something has to happen, bc they are going to keep us down, what can we do?? But it has to happen now while we have a president that is here trying to wake everyone up, we have a president that is not a puppet ' we have a president that will not be bought' we have a president that my god is America """""

  2. InfoWars team – can you do a comparison of traditional immigration requirements versus the Daca path? Trump said citizenship will be realized after 10 years, will there be any back taxes collected from them once they hit citizenship for the time the were living as thieves in our country?

  3. Thank you infowars for the coverage of this, but once this memo gets out we all need to talk about how to de-program
    these sad sad dem supporters. My best wishes for anyone that will have to go thru this. "In God We Trust"

  4. oh my hell democrat's failure must finally be sinking in that are pulling in a kennedy hoping for mass appeal again from the deplorables. not going to work. not interested in watching another kennedy die.


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