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  1. These fuckers think that it's not known that they have multiple identities and they do not look like what people think… They use TV techniques to change into what people think they look like and when they are done with the appearance… They take off their fake faces and people won't recognize them… But thanks to biometrics… These fuckers themselves… Gave us what was needed to identify them and each person portrayed…..lets see if this fucker can prove me wrong… Must be nice to have multiple identities that are wealthy when others must work 2 jobs just to get by… These are the people who are responsible for 9.11…all of the fake bullshit… Who controls the United States… We know Royal families are responsible for all of it…. Care to prove me wrong you fucker …i know that you will not acknowledge me because I will expose you… We know what you plan on doing… Wanna talk about it… Do u care to speak to the families that lost love ones because of lies and deceit and tell them that you killed their loved one… You are not going to be able to hide… If u want I will name you if u think this is a fucking joke

  2. I was trippin on lsd a few months back and for about 45 seconds i was swapping places with my other dimensional self. In the living room with my fiance but every few seconds my surroundings changed. Different house and reality but it was me and her, kinda. One reality my house was like fred Flintstones. The rest were only slightly different.

  3. What's the context of the first comment by Icke? They're using the same common analogy, but apparently on completely unrelated topics, and I'm not aware of analogies being proprietary.

  4. Yeah, just like the guy that says he heard Jesus! I believe that anything and everything is possible! Not believing this makes a person a closed minded sheep. A follower without internal self awareness!

  5. david icke is a really great man and a genius. i have read his book and its really has truth in it, but unfortunately he is flagged as a conspiracy theorist and reptilian kind of fuss, but if you read his books it really change your mind, his ideas also resonate with ancient hindu vedas like our reality is just an illusion

  6. We are receivers that’s not a mystery What is crazy is that physicist are studying a theory it’s not even real they are making imagination seem real and they are trying to feed us this bullshit. Frequencies are real I believe that but string theory is bs

  7. A radio wave is a natural metaphor for something invisible around us. Both Icke and Kaku use this metaphor to talk about the invisible stuff around them, but both understand the stuff around them to be totally different. This video is totally wrongheaded.

  8. This is in my head for the past two years! With no previous knowledge on this subject I've started to get all this kind of ideas about 2 years ago. And let me tell you, there is so much more with regards to our reality.

  9. eBay 2001 "the world's biggest secret" (used) best book I ever bought, read or have to THIS day! To me "aliens" are the same as ghosts/entities. There are times I have experience other "realms" be it through sleep paralysis or during an emotional state.I also feel children are more in tune with metaphysics because as a child is when I experienced most but not all things. Experiences in my 20s and 30s. My last experience it "got on" me I felt this…. "Cold HEAT " on my back and a slight…what I can only describe as an energy. I was in my mid 30s in the presence of a family member who also felt it but not as intense because it was on me I guess her being in that area (right next to me) "it" radiated outwards because as I was experiencing this she looked at me and said ….."Did you feel that" with surprise in her eyes. For me the experience lasted about… 2,3 seconds. My reaction was one of "violation* (maybe like how you'd feel if you were molested??) I started to cry and needed to immediately leave that area. I kind of jogged out of the apartment emotional. (there's a back story) And it was I couldn't find an Xbox controller that I just had and after looking for it for 15 mins (struggling looking behind beds couches) mean while I JUST had it sitting on the game room on the couch. Long story short other person was helping me(all through apartment) and they noticed it sitting EXACTLY where it should have been(because i was sitting there) picked up cushions(all of them maybe TWICE) and she went back to the room(doorway) called my name, pointed at the couch (that I ripped apart twice digging) and said "is that it?" My 1st reaction was to YELL and scream"NO fkin WAY" (can you imagine the anger and "WTF moment" i had) and right at that moment (everything I said previously)

  10. This is what bugs me the most about society. And I say society, because people when watching/ reacting to things like this adopt a 'mob mentality' kind of persona. They (most) tend to accept something that they are told is okay to listen to, yet the exact same message/ information, presented by another who they are told to ignore, they laugh at and ridicule. Most don't even realise they are doing it. Which is the definition of being a total sheep.

  11. I'm so happy to see that do many people now days that I meet from all walks of life have begun waking up to the truth. I remember when people used to ridicule me 10 years ago when I spoke of such things, but now it seems like it's all becoming common knowledge and the bad guys are losing their grip over our minds. unfortunately now it seems that the illuminati are going to start ww3 and nuke us all to hell for it.

  12. They're talking about completely different things. Kaku didn't confirm anything Icke said. Ok yes, there are radio waves all around us that our senses can't detect, but that's something we've known about ever since they're discovery. What Kaku is talking about on the other hand is an analogy for the many worlds interpretation.

    Everything else Icke is talking about is complete nonsense. "Atoms have no solidity" ye.. it's called electron repulsion, that's what gives matter its solidity. This is just high school physics.

  13. Both people are stating accepted quantum theory from the 1950's and 60's. Maybe the video should be called "What David Icke Said in 1991, Dr Michio Kaku Confirms in 2008 But Einstein said in 1950"


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