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  1. Now this is just my initial observation, but I think what we have here is a low resolution, low light adaptive camera recording birds being illuminated by the surrounding city lights. This also accounts for the streaking effect and pixelation, not to mention the perceived slower speed/frame rate on the crappier camera. Later on the same night, the birds were captured again, albeit closer to the building. But hey, birds move, and they change elevation within seconds. I'm not saying it was or wasn't, but simply what it looks like at this moment. Should any new footage come in that refutes what the evidence points to here so far, you can bet I'll post on it. In the meantime, let's keep things friendly, and enjoy our lack of sleep together. New video coming soon.

  2. Do some research people their are no Aliens. This is the beginning of the Great Deception the Bible speaks about. The world governments will do anything to discredit the Bible. I pray all of you can see through this farce. No one is coming to save the inhabitants of this planet except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  3. Really? Seagulls? WTF. Seagulls can fly at a max height of 50 feet and are usually sleep during the night mostly near water. These objects looked to be higher than fifty feet.

  4. First of all, just look at the scale guys, even in the close up video the birds don't fly as fast, some of these lights flew across half of the city in a couple of seconds. And why did the "birds" disappear at the end of the video? Birds also don't make sharp 180 degree turns. I'm not saying it's aliens but…

  5. Ok, if you actually did your homework and watched the complete footage. You'll see that out of no where, the ufo lights just disappear out of no where.

    If it were entirely true that it was seagulls then the lighting wouldnt have just suddenly disappeared! It would have kept going on throughout the whole filming, also birds dont fly straight and do a 180 degree turn instantly like a pin ball. Tyler, youre foolish and sadly mistaken. Youre payout must have been nice.

  6. you have my full support!!!
    Tyler you should think about talking to the guys at FADE TO BLACK radio… I'm positive that it would make both channels grow exponentially but the amount of information it would put out to the masses, would be so special to the people in this movement!
    If anyone else agrees than make some comments and put some thumbs in any direction…
    Thanks to you Tyler so many others are awake and are getting there. Keep doing what your doing big guy!!!
    We owe you more than we know I'm sure.

  7. Birds don’t have lights on them n disappear n reappear while flying so that can’t be birds. I’m really starting to think your full of shit @secureteam

  8. You're telling me that you thought those were birds…….. birds dude….. really? Slowly leaning towards dropping this channel. You're not very BRIGHT hahaha. Get it? Because birds aren't bright either…..


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