1. Many believe "They" are of the CAIN bloodline and many others are as well. It would really explain a lot if that is true! People like Hillary rotten clinton,Bathhouse barry Obuma,Kissenger, George soros,etc,etc are very evil and it seems to come natural for them like they cannot help themselves for being the pieces of worthless shit they are!

  2. What's missing here is that Satan was told that the seed of the woman would crush his head way back in the garden. Since then he has been using his wits, his understanding of God and the words of the prophets to mislead people by mimicking Christ even before Christ arrived. This way he could discredit Christ's fulfillment of the prophecies as being just another simple manifestation of the so believed "earlier" mysteries. So when Christ fulfilled His mission He could then be labeled as just another Ra or Horus or Helios or Sol Invictus or Tammuz, et al. This is also why Paul seems to speak like an initiate as he explains the things of the Spirit as the counterfeit actually showed up before the genuine. Very sneaky indeed.

  3. What a joke. People who are so against the Freemasons are typically deep rooted Catholics. He rants on about astrology and Egyption mysteries as something the Masons revere but the secret is the whole bible is based on Sumerian myths and fables. And astrology. Christianity is just another Sun worshipping cult. They criticise a decent group of people and accuse them of origins and behavior which in fact they are the guilty ones. They are the ones who use voodoo to control the masses and their money. The Freemasons don't ask you to join. Or expect you to. You have to ask to join and most anyone can join. No criminal record. They don't tell you what to do like the church does. That is why the church is threatened by them. Free choice, free will, free thinking. Not stupid woo woo dogma ignorance.

  4. Bill always talks about "orthodox Jews"…. Today Judaism is only about 1% orthodox. 99% of Jews follow the Babylonian Talmud. For some reason Bill never got that, or he did and he never made it clear that the Mysteries were, by definition Judaism, or vice versa.

  5. At about the 41.30 mark Bill is talking about a guy that called into the show, do you know what episode he is talking about? He says his name is malleus maleficarum, but that's not a person its the name of a book written about 500 years ago.


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