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  1. I was once connected to alot of what he explains .Now my Drs give me an injection once a month that dumbs me down to where I have problems even explaining this to you now.What do you think of this and should I continue getting this medical

  2. David, It'd be great to meet you in person. Your wisdom and candor is a breath of fresh air from the facade that others usually portray when I interact with them. Thank you for your messages. 🙂

  3. The Hypocrisy of"God Bless America"while Comitting Genocide & Terrorizing Humanity! Terror, intimidation, violence are the glue that holds American Empire & the Zionist Jewish Supremacy Satanic Israel together. Aerial bombardment, drone, missile attacks, artillery, mortar strikes, targeted assassinations, massacres, death squad killings, torture, propaganda & political puppets are the grist of our wars & proxy wars. Peaceful countries such as Iran we seek to dominate, are intimately familiar with these brutal mechanisms of control. But the reality of empire rarely reaches the American public. The goals of empire, we are told by Zionist Media are virtuous and noble. And the vast killing machine grinds forward, feeding, the swollen banks & defense contractors. There is no regime more psychopathic than Israeli regime. This government of demented lost souls will stop at nothing till they get their wars, though being the Cowards they're, they will use American lives as their battering rams.

  4. I call Bullocks! Stop telling us WHAT IS and start directing on how to CHANGE IT! "We have been programmed to receive… we can check out but we can never leave"

  5. Trump ruined EVERYTHING by bamboozling un-enlightened people into believing He WASNT an “elite.” We all should know better now that trump only cares about the elites yet the brainwashing continues because the gullible people believe the shit that comes out of his mouth.

  6. Exellent david, the part about the technology is exactly what i have said for years. They want total control of our conscience. Because thats what creates all reality.

  7. David Icke's worldview is essentially Hinduism and objective idealism, look into it, mixed with bits and pieces of contemporary science and pseudoscience on the one hand, and the conspiracism of the alt right, fundamentalist Christianity and Gnosticism on the other.
    it's quite a diverse cocktail of ingredients, riveting, and when you've studied philosophy, science, politics and religion like I have, you can grasp where all these ideas came from, and how he's attempted to put them together into a coherent whole.

  8. Wish i had more money to help out, they are responsible for humans starving. We will find you, Oops. this ugly queen and the rothschild got caught. We are going to wake up and stop this nasty reptilians. God
    Is here, and all the big social media, facebook youtube news channel, if you are not with us,you are a nasty shapeshifting lizard like the queen and the rothschild are. Enough is enough, see you when youre caught and locked in a cage, (not jail like humans).

  9. Nothing in an illusion is real and that includes "consciousness". To know your True Preexisting Self, you must reach beyond what captivates your "attention", beyond consciousness, beyond energy.


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