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  1. Perfect April Fools premise! I'm not a sub so I didn't see it until now. I could tell something was different, you seemed more playful and calm. I love science, and my curiosity makes it hard for me to resist following people down weird rabbit holes of belief. I enjoy testing my knowledge and beliefs with the "zen" practice of engaging with some of the most bizzare and even unscientific ideas. In the back of my mind I was worrying that you followed the flat earthers down their idea rabbit hole and that your calmness and happiness in this video was a sign that you had come to peace with your understanding.

    I think I would OD if I took another red-pill at this point. I was NOT prepared to take another.

  2. I know this is April Fools and I am not a flat earther but you very much mistated their "theories" on the flat earth. Not that I expect a reply on a large channel like this(congrats) but…

  3. How can a seemingly rational person be this stupid. I love how his "thought experiments" are just stupid thoughts. That explains why he couldn't help himself in getting some wacko conservative jabs in there.

  4. Let see what globers belive in: A spinning inner core of molten/solid iron, Correct? spinning in OPPOSITE direction of outer globe!! All for creating a magnetic field…. Heated/molten iron can NEVER be magnetized!!! plz try PLz take any ferrit magnet and heat it up glowing red….. It stopped being a magnet!! you can spinn the shit out of it, it will NEVER create a magnetic field. BUT you BELIVE in a science guy in a white lab coat….Deepest hole ever, in russia drilled about 13 km down, ground penetrating radar with a good image, about 200- 300 m down……YOU BELIVE in a inner core, NO evidence needed….sound like a religon to me.
    Scientism is your religon, with pictures an drawings of something made up in neveverneverland. And that thing is what get you your precious gravity!!?? Density, electromagnetic and pressure works much better. Dont belive me? Checkout how a "slinky" dropped form a hight works………If you can work out that with gravity, and some fancy math please do it plz.
    On top of this there is so many faked films, pictures from NASA if you really are interested in researching……
    Do this for your self (mindtest), go outside in the middle of the night look straight up, try to remember the stars above you. Now move EXACTLY 6 months a head. You will now face the sun!! no stars, it will be daylight!! where did 12 hours go ???? did you loose them or did you gain them????? and if you move in to the night here you are 180 degrees looking up in the sky, IMPOSSIBLE to see anything that you saw 6 months ago, because in that direction is the sun and you CANT se stars in any daylight or can you??? these are just som small things that is totaly false in a globe model, but you BELIVE in it…….
    Its a sect called SCIENTISM…….WAKE UP!

  5. The funny thing is is that if you where to be intellectually honest with yourself you would come to this reasonable hypothesis. The joke is actually on you Stephan. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  6. Stefan, you're using 80% of your brain to dumb down things to people who use less than 5% of their brains. You're never going to win. I appreciate your effort but there are some you just can't reach. They are the communists, the bibleitists and the flat Earthers. They all choose to reject reality and accept their version of it, nothing can be done for them. But, hey, Or maybe this weekend you could sit down and solve this world's economic problems, because to their kind, they already know the solutions.

  7. I wish I was well-versed in philosophy enough to completely disregard the greenhouse effect

    If you're sincerely skeptical and willing to look at evidence, I think Potholer54 does the best round-up of the evidence


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