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  1. What else would you expect from a country that legislates against the free will of its citizens by way of compulsory voting. If you choose to exercise your free will by not partaking you are criminalised and fined. Great democratic example I think not. Australia an immature piss ant country of little world significance, where the only inherent culture is instinctive criminality a trait refined from its foundation penal origin.
    You Say
    Compulsory voting, you must have your say
    Without it don't hold it on Grand Final Day
    For the result would be known before half time
    With only a few thousand votes to align
    Pray for a day without any rain
    For I am sure even those would surely abstain.

    And that's the rub, the political elite fear being expose for the true contempt they are rightly held in.

  2. I dont understand why you are surprised though? You've been telling us for years the world is run by a shadow group of rich people who control the media, the governments and the agenda. Why would you then ask "what is the government frightened of"?
    I support your right to speak, but I personally dont agree with you. I've listened and I dont agree with all the spiritual astrological mumbo jumbo.
    It sounds like you pick bits and pieces from a vast variety of conspiracies, religion, spirituality and astrology. I dont buy it.

  3. As a citizen I really picked up on the broken laws that my country has done and decided to not vote at all haha the government is a joke really I agree it is undemocratic giving the illusion of being a democracy

  4. 12,258 screws just switched into 12,200 screws … (then later into 12,266 screws) …
    This is how Google's YouTube lies to everybody … 'It's simple' … and rampant.
    The screws on my uploads.. besides being often 'paranormally' long-time frozen and not updated for long, in addition get habitually flipped backwards. … Who benefits? …

  5. Australia has become a secret nazi state, that's y Mr icke,
    they r killing citizens through psyops, gangstalking, harassment prgrams they also use elf, emf, radiation dispersing gizmos and that's jus the tip of the iceberg!

  6. they have a history of not letting anyone come into this Marxist Fascist Socialist country to speak on anything they would consider controversial they have everything on lock! and would not want anyone to open minds and have people think they are Sovereign or begin to look at them (Government) in a scrutinous way! we are not a free society here in Australia we are the most governed country in the world!

  7. Meanwhile over the past 15 year the Australian Immigration department policy has let in all sorts.. 15 years on, it is the children of these new immigrants that congregate in city malls and act and behave in a totally antisocial manner. What a total disgrace !!

  8. Don't worry about it Davey lad, it just sounds like you are having to fill out a 457 working Visa?Didn't think you'd have to fill one of those out for public speaking, but if it is they'll be chasing you for tax from it if you return within a given period.And I think you are only allowed a certain amount of visas granted in a given time period, something to think about for future talks.Cheers

  9. They let thousands of Somali over whom are mostly unemployed, doing crime or just on a single mother benefit breeding like rabbits.The vast majority will never integrate into Australian society.

  10. Now David knows how it is for British people married/engaged to non EU citizens (Australians) to apply just to bring their husbands or wives in. For us we have to prove a salaried earnings of £18,500 or £65,000 in a instant access bank account, fill in a 72 page application form and pay £1,500 first visa fee in total £5,000 over 5 years of visa fees, our spouses have to complete an English tests, some have to do TB tests too. REMEMBER THIS IS JUST TO BRING YOUR LAWFULLY WEDDED HUSBAND, WIFE OR FIANCE HERE TO BRITAIN! This is how the UK runs its Eugenics programme to prevent British people from having babies with brown or non British/European people. Its really sad.. None of us are free…I feel sorry for you David and the rest of us who love our spouses and Fiance's. FOR MORE INFORMATION …google the campaign group Brit Cits blog.

  11. As an average Australian,  I can honestly say you are so welcome to visit and talk all over this fine country, even if our government/system doesn't feel the same…:).  As much as this shit must be so annoying to live through…., I cant help but giggle at the methods…  Very similar to insurance companies….. overwhelming paper work and unexplainable delays….lol

  12. In Australia we no-platform at the national level.
    We must protect people from….information?
    It's annoying, we once had a reputation as a carefree, larrikan nation full of rogues and fun…now we are as uptight, snobby and puritan as an Oliver Cromwell hoedown.
    We want to be gourmets and live in mansions…ugh….

  13. David do you think that a Labour government would be different? I mean Labour is pushing things that Liberals are not such as marijuana gay marriage and so on I mean you ONE TINY INDIVIDUAL in a country of 22 million people moral integrity I can ask the same thing about Tony Abbott with nis refugee "plan" or climate change insane


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