Alex Jones breaks down how Trump has headed toward faltering on the 2nd Amendment due to Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s un-elected influence over the President’s policies. Help us spread the…



  1. The answer is simple: just carry out better background checks. Btw, there is a big difference between guns and swords, bats etc. Anyone can pull a trigger. You have to be very strong to wield a bat/knife etc.

  2. I take the George Carlin approach to politics, I don't really care because i think we're fucked either way, but as an outsider looking in, i gotta say i never thought trump would be the one saying "take the guns first, due process later" I'm gonna grab the popcorn because holy shit, this'll be interesting. And yep just as i would've figured, Tons of people are defending him even though that statement is the most anti-2nd amendment stance on gun control any president has ever made. Y'all who support this dude are drinkin the koolaid hardcore

  3. Most european countries are completely enslaved, we cannot defend ourselves even against our own politics now, what is happening in netherlands is they are literally destroying democracy, banning referendums, even made it legal to scavenge organs from people without their consent UNLESS they send in a form to disagree to it (not sending a form is automatically consenting to being scavenged) its madness here now. Dont give up your guns. I told you guys months ago that Trump had been compromised (red flag on his nato speech parrotting the assad kills own people narrative) Im seriously proud of Alex hes also waking up, more importantly to the danger of big data/AI(being fed through blockchain data miners btw) so please keep it up. This movement doesnt depend on Trump, Trump has depended on the movement.

  4. he's up against evil the left is all about psychological manipulation, he's taken the fight to their battlefield, sometimes you have to win over your enemies before you can destroy them, have faith

  5. The sad reality is,if you go down the road of banning things that can be used to commit crimes the road is endless and the banning is relentless. Just look at the Europeans unarmed and unprotected sitting ducks. Saying that,unless America comes up with better measures to protect innocent children and prevent mass shootings by mentally unstable people the chances of it happening again are high. TRUMP 2020.

  6. We have to ban Alt Right Stupidity. Basically we have to stop trailer trash from breeding. It should be easy since there's laws against mental from reproducing.

  7. I got called a Nazi so many times trying to get this guy in office, now I sympathize with Nazis and am about to get stabbed in the back by this goy, ffs

  8. Trump and his team have shown a good ability to play along at times and be unpredictable. What Trump says publicly is not an indicator of what he is doing or what he will do. Trump has a full picture and all of us are left guessing because there are globalists afoot. Trump could say he will ban guns and I would wait and see. Disinformation is sometimes necessary.

  9. Alex your becoming a scare monger what did u speak to 50,000 people stop putting Trump down and realize SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE TAKE YOUR ALFOIL HAT OFF. And Alex I'm one of your supporters and what your saying is wrong your undermining POTUS with sensationalism STOP IT just pull your head in for a while.
    Your statement about banning anything used in a crime your being stupid and unless Trump has told u he's done wrong don't believe it

  10. The trump kids are out of tuch with the amrican people they clame to represent. I bet it hurt alex to walk back the coments about trump out witting people with this move now he blames people but not trump when dose trump not do what he wants. Can we talk about hidden truth again thats what made this show so great befor. Alex please get back to your roots.

  11. let him go. Trump is a horrible leader , we are at the brink of WW3 and trump is not doing anything to prepare the american people. Putin is preparing his people for war. he instead talks shit to Alec Baldwin on twitter? ?? and wants to take away our guns???? LET HIM GO , hes done for.

  12. did alex realy say that trump aint no goldfish? really? well .. everybody who gets 2 million as a young adult (this was in the 70`s which is like 13 million today) to start his business .. is a goldfish imo!


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