If you’ve been online recently, you’ve probably seen this. This is one of two clips released by the Department of Defense. Both videos show a thermal image of an unidentified flying object….



  1. if "aliens" are so advanced why are they being filmed? arent they smart enough to avoid that shit and maybe your gonna say "maybe they want to be seen" if they wanted to be seen they would land and say hi dont you think?

  2. Everyone has a camera in their pocket today. Still no good videos of real alien aircraft.
    I believe in aliens, since there are billions of other planets that could have life, but intergalactic space travel is something that requires a ridiculous amount of technology in order to travel through thousands of light years in distance. If anyone can discover how to bend time in space, maybe someday we may witness real aliens.

  3. The whole perception and idea that an alien species would have a round flying object is almost a cliche at this point. No- it is a cliche.
    The whole idea sparked from a series of films that appeared in the 1950s after the myth and legend of the ‘Roswell incident’ circulated around the United States. If an alien species is somehow technologically advanced, they’d have to of been out of our galaxy, and would more then likely have a space ship in a shape, or the size of something we couldn’t comprehend.

  4. If you need tons of data and verifiable samples and peer review studies (and a belief we're seeing something from nature) then perhaps this phenomenon signals the end of science. Because it won't give you all that. When the light comes on, we'll probably realize we're really in the dark ages being led by charlatans and a modern day religion called science.

  5. Well the raction IS curiosity, but the point that scientists make, instead of just jumping to conclusions, is that all the information available CANNOT POSSIBLY prove or show what this is. Do you know 100% that this is an alien craft? NO. You absolutely don't. This might have been some human made plane, maybe a secret development program of a new type of jet. Russia, USA, China, etc. are all working on extremely fast aircraft, much faster than current jets in use… what's the possibility that these people encountered one of these top secret program tests, and now the government is trying to hide it by basically releasing the footage, because they know most of the public will just assume it's a UFO? Why do you think the government representative would tell the truth? They lie about much more serious things than UFO videos….things that lead them into wars and lead to millions of deaths…so why not lie about a video? The point is, some people like to believe only what suits them, UFO people are one of those. THey think they're open minded because they ASSUME that what they see is an alien craft, when in fact, there is no reason or proof at all to believe that firmly. It's like seeing a light in the sky in the night and assuming it's a UFO, when it might be some kids playing with a drone.

  6. My instinctual monkey brain wants me to think it's an all-powerful alien super space craft.
    Thank goodness for science that tells me to shut up and stop being so silly.


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