William Bill Cooper, Tells All, Illuminati, UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy, Secrets, Freemasonry, Secret Society UFO SECRET – ALIEN SIGNS 387911 Alien Agenda UFO Secret Underground Base Free Energy…



  1. They own u-tube ….who do u think is doing the muuting……their panik reaktion…..now they'r happi & larfing @ all yor disrespektful komments from similar bayst reaktionizm……ok…..B KYND & ASK LIVINGSELFSUFFICIENT CHANNEL ABOUT THE FULL AUDIO IF POSSIBLE……………or mayk an artistik expression ov their molestation ov this fantastik video…feels lyk we've been raypt doesn't it……I AM PISST OFF 2 BELEEV ME………..

  2. I like Cooper but his theory on the jfk assassination is ridiculous. He thinks the driver turned around and shot him in the head with a toxin from a poisonous fish of some aort….😐….really coop?

  3. Hmmm, how can I believe he wants full disclosure when parts of the audio are silent. What did he NOT want to disclose, or was this a simple audio gaffe that should have been caught before posting?

  4. People must wrap their head around that aliens are not in Earth planetary !! As the work of CERN ?? And what they say openly !! They will open a door to another dimension ! This is the luciferian Hope. To open gate shut by the most High God . Fallen angels that are locked away. The Free Will of men ? Will open the gates of their own destruction . There were no other planets for beings come from ! The heliocentric model is a lie and the work of the luciferians. Many people are waking up to this truth. It is a great truth but not the truth. Their true absolute truth ?? It is past man-made religions !! The wisdom or knowledge of men !! More than people could ever comprehend as truth !! It is so simple but yet complicated !! A Creator and Savior !! Done !! Man makes it hard. He makes it into what you can do but not what was done for all !!!! All the bad ever done or what is still to happen !! That simple !! But man's understanding is nothing !! They and most think they know all !! We know not as much as we think and never past what others have told us !! The coming part of the great deception will be more then most can ever believe !! They fall for the lie !! As they been lied to their whole lives !! God bless !!

  5. Do you think his view of the Mysteries is oversimplified? I get the Illuminati being a prototype communist movement that infiltrated masonry, but I wonder if he speaks in absolutes…

  6. This is a great expose of Bill. How condescending he is. We can't understand what he does? What bullshit! He couldn't be more wrong! There are evil people. Just because they don't BELIEVE in good or evil, doesn't mean that they aren't evil.

  7. the up loader is censoring the video folks… go else where and listen to Bill share all his views even if you find the truth offends you, like it did to livingS.S.


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