Bill was a War Vet and patriot, he said if he had to die on his door step he was willing to do so. Well the cops shot him walking back to his front door after talking to them in the yard.



  1. Bill made some interesting predictions. During the last week of 1994, he predicted the OK City bombing of the Murrah Building. He had been visited by McVeigh earlier in 1994 along with a few other dark characters with McVeigh. Now, what Bill actually said was something along the lines of "a major terrorist act will happen in the first quarter of 1995." Well, he only missed his date by a few weeks as the Murrah Building was bombed on April 19th, 1995. His prediction was based on McVeigh's visit. But, Bill said that McVeigh barely spoke, it was the others that did the talking.

    I was a regular listener to The Hour of the Time in the 90's and I remember his shows well. And, it was an AZ sheriff's crew that lured him out to murder him. This was a complete cold blooded setup to whack him. It appears Bill had been hitting the nail on the head with the content of his radio shows. He knew that his life was being threatened because he sent his wife and daughter out of the country before his assassination. Had they been there that night, they'd have been murdered as well, no doubt.

    By the way, Bills shows are now archived online. There are a few shows missing, but many still exist. hourofthetime dot com. ( Be sure to go listen to the opening of each show to hear the spooky voice say, "The time of the hour is the hour of the time. Lights out for the curfew or you body and soul are mine!" Followed by the air raid sirens going off, German Shepherd guard dogs barking, and the stomping of the storm trooper's jack-boots "Shromp Shromp Shromp Shromp" coming to GET YOU!

  2. The description for the video is definitely off. Always disliked how things are mis-reported. I don't know if it's done on purpose because of the general disdain you feel about the government but it definitely does not help perpetuating the hatred of it. It does not help anyone really other than the same people you yourself are against.

  3. I think all Patriots should unsubscribe to YouTube and Google beginning this Friday at midnight through Sunday at midnight to show support for those being banned from the station

  4. Instead of everyone saying we all need to stand up and call for an uprising against the evil powers, why don't we form a definite time, place etc.. To put this s take back in action

  5. I'm glad I found him while he was still alive!
    This guy knew, damn well.
    He told us things 25 years ahead of time!
    Verbatim, coming fucking true, to this very day…
    This should be your new gospel.

  6. Whenever you hear the term "sheeple" you can thank the late, GREAT Bill Cooper as he is the man who coined it. He is also the man who preDICKted 911 MUCH EARLIER than Owl Licks Jones

  7. 25-yr anniversary of Waco Initial Assault on 2/28; Mr. Cooper was an astonishing man of truth and prophecy. Also, portions of the Turner Diaries were prophecy, particularly the gun raids, degeneration of society, Civil War etc.


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