FACT – September 11th 2001 was the day they planned to make a hit on William Cooper. This broadcast live is what delayed the GOV’T hit till November 5th 2001 Many details have been forgotted…



  1. I didn't buy the bs official  story from the start. when I saw those towers freefall live I thought thought to myself that they nuked the towers. it was like watching a movie. the way the news just kept watching the towers from all angles waiting for the collapses.

  2. I remember listening to William Cooper's "Hour of the Time" on my Magnavox model # D 2 9 9 9 shortwave radio. Then the day came when Cooper was not broadcasting.
    I didn't know why until a few weeks later, and was heartbroken. As heartbroken as those two magnificent towers falling, and most certainly the loss of life. I'm still in sort of a state of disbelief. It was a truly "Twilight Zone"/"Outer Limits" time.
    I pray throughout every day and every night.

    You may be interested in the following information :

    D a v i d S e a m a n – F U L C R U M N E W S


    N e v i l l e G o d d a r d

    God BLESS you, American HERO, Milton William Cooper

  3. What we sow so shall we reap… today world is like this new Pearl Harbour event wished to be. The Law of Requital is working as explained in the book The Life in the Hereafter.. by Parwez. V good book …

  4. I love listening to this dumbass tinfoil hat wearing and now deceased due to his own idiocy bill Cooper and his prediction of doom and impending facist takeovers. Bill was a victim of his own stupidity and paranoia. He got what he wished for. It's quite a shame there are still fools who are listening to the ramblings of a madman as if there gospel.

  5. Alex Jones drops enough clues that he's a performing actor entertainer. Bill Cooper didn't have a SAG card as far as I know, lol. People who believe AJ is "real" are the same people who think pro wrestling is real, the same lot who think Trump is not an actor straight out of SAG. 9/11 was the apocalypse for me. when JFK got popped, that told us our government had been subverted. When 9/11 and the patriot act, and DHS rolled in, that told us that the USA is only USA in name only, and the Constitution was made null and void. Regardless how many muscle faced gun sucking, flag humpers will hate me for saying it. BIn Laden didn't overthrow the USA, a secret group or cabal did it, perhaps the same aliens that Bill Hicks met when he ate 5 dried grams of magic mushrooms. it was not bearded islamists in caves. Somebody burnt the U.S. Constitution down right around us. Call them whoever you want, rant about the 'zionists' or 'radical islam' it won't change what happened.

  6. EVERY time I hear real time reports of what happened on 9/11, my heart sinks and my stomach hurts and I'm immediately taken back to the EXACT TIME I watched the news and the 2nd "plane" hit. I'm especially saddened hearing my patriot hero, Bill Cooper's, prophecy come true about freedom's final nail in the coffin happened that day! Then, of course, my heart aches MORE, knowing the disgusting, evil, putrid, demonic, luciferian DEVIL U.S. gov and their puppeteers, the evil ruling elite, murdered Bill just 2 months after 9/11!!!!!


  8. I have been watching this incredible man all day. Almost 16 years later I listen- I AM SO SAD TO KNOW HE WAS MURDERED only 2 months later by his gov and countrymen when he only wanted the best for his people. I looked him up on Wikipedia, it was disgusting. In hindsight he called this, why did the authorities not see it coming? But oh yeah, he was just a conspiracy theorist. Right again- why didn't airforce shot them down. Wrong about Marshall Law in the long term, no a war was wanted instead, this time. Right about freedom, Bin Ladin, Oklahoma, Charges. Brilliant, good man.

  9. This guy really knew that we would lose so many freedoms. And they would monitor everything and have access to all our info etc. they should be ashamed of themselves and history will be spoken very poorly of this country when they speak of us in the future

  10. Damn! What a shame that William Cooper didn't have a chance to pull a Julian Assange or Edward Snowden and find a safe place from which to conduct his patriotic work.

  11. Listening to this man call-out the BS play by play as it was literally happening is amazing and what he was saying is all now almost provably true all of these years later!

  12. @38:09 man was this guy ever sharp, he was already onto their schemes and acknowledging that planes alone couldn't make the towers collapse but some other source had to contribute to the collapse of the towers–sheer genius Bill was, rip, they knew they had to murder this man he was far too awakened…

  13. Listening to this … brought me abruptly back to that day. The low-level hysteria that was everywhere in everyone's voice, everyone's eyes, everyone was scared as hell and didn't know what to do with themselves.
    What a horrible day, what a horrible thing to live through… living through it again while listening to this… horrible tightness in my stomach.
    Thanks for the upload, I appreciated it.

  14. A well organized vast interconnected infinite powerful structure with everything having a purpose, everything is relative, and there are NO coincidences. From cellular / molecular level (microcosm) = Humans = space galaxy to our solar system to the entire Universe (macrocosm) = the ALL, God, the Intelligent Field, the Creator, the Great Spirit. Whatever you may call "IT", "IT" is there in everything and everyone as we are all a part of "IT" as "IT" is in all of us, as we are all a part of each other, including the moon, stars, the planets, the galaxy and the Universe. As above, so below. Whatever "IT" is, IT is the TRUTH, Love, CARE, joy, compassion, and "IT" IS THE HUMAN CONDITION. "It" comes from within, mentally, in the mind, "it" is a complete and an absolute KNOWING only from experience that cannot be learned or taught. Seek and ye shall find the TRUTH -"The kingdom of God is within you" . You are the teacher and the student. This mental connection is referred to as an awakening, enlightenment, a satori, etc., and it is the evolution of Human Beings. WE are all ONE and ONE with "IT" (InLakesh) with many systems working in harmonious conjunction floating and rotating through time/space on a giant magnetic rock between the Sun and Moon. The oxygenated air we breath into our lungs, and our circulatory systems that distributes this oxygenated blood throughout our bodies to sustain life. Our central nervous system, our digestive system, our skeletal system, and all the vital organs so neatly packaged and surrounded by a rib cage for protection, topped off with muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin tissue!!! Gravity (for examples: aids digestion and the flow of rivers) to OUR SENSES to all of the rules or systems in place that support all LIFE is NOT by chance or by accident whatsoever. There are LAWS for the universe as well, they work just as flawlessly and are always in effect. UNIVERSAL or NATURAL LAW. "IT" is all a PUZZLE of ONE LIVING BREATHING ORGANISM….. The NATIVE AMERICANS HAD KNOWN THIS for a very long time as well as many ancient civilizations thousands of years ago. If WE as a species get "it", this is the answer, the key, the simple solution, and is what the powers that shouldn't be do not want anybody to know to stop their "mind cage" "the trap" agenda for human slavery and all suffering to continue. OUR rulers, the dominator psychopathic inbred control freaks that WE allow to CONTROL us by giving away our power, suppressing this knowledge while they laugh all the way to their banks (federal reserve), their fake money, and man-made laws they have created while we are all too busy arguing and fighting amongst ourselves and so easily CONTROLLED with the DUALISM and DIALECTICS. There is a War on Consciousness!!!! Please help your fellow man/woman SEE the IGNORANCE in people, the brainwashing, the mind control, the manipulation, and the difference between right and wrong (show him or her), stop the LIES (and speak the TRUTH), and get out of base consciousness (the Reptile Brain or "R" complex which "FEAR" is the lowest vibrational frequency) and off the floor of the house to the higher Self. THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is NOT divided by pride, or a me, me, me, look at the "egoic me" selfish, self-centered, I am special, I'm better than you, look what I can do, and my crap don't stink, building bombs spreading hate and discontent, creating wars, biological, chemical and radiological weapons, greed for world power, opium, cocaine, and oil, killing one another, putting countries and people at odds with one another, continually arguing and complaining, the finger-pointing casting blame games, politically correct, economically, socially, religiously, by heritage, by culture, by background, by race, by class, by creed, sexual preference, THIS IS all perpetually propagated and disseminated by the Government media outlets, education indoctrination systems, social engineering to condition people what to THINK what's acceptable or considered "the norm", to go along with the PROGRAM and their God = money, etc., which is all a carrot on a stick, herd, robotic, and parrot mentality on this human farm having to prove yourself or the group you think you belong to be right or any better in a non-stop dissention competition for human beings TO be forced to THINK a certain WAY!!!! THIS learned behavior, monkey see monkey do IGNORANCE easily controls the masses – with a unique cognitive separateness to a divide and conquer strategy, rather, a consciousness in which YOU actually think for your Self, more importantly, a TRUE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS in which we are ALL connected to OUR CREATOR for the betterment of all mankind in accordance with Natural Law, the Golden Rule, Karma, and the Law of Attraction. I WAS THERE – I KNOW, I WAS WRONG, and you too will recognize them by the fruits they bear, not by their clever actions, their charm, charisma, or clothes they wear, or cars they drive. If you lower your consciousness level by continuing to choose evil or do the wrong things, even once you stoop low, you will inevitably become a part of this dark force as a willing tainted participant inviting evil in. Also, if you choose to accept falsehoods as truths and continue to "believe" in things that are not true, you are most likely on the left hand path unknowingly!!! Your FREE WILL is not taken from you, you give it away slowly and unknowingly.?? That is one way evil operates and it SLOWLY creeps into the lives of so many people, through consciousness or the lack thereof. The ultimate deception is going on with your life and NOT even knowing you're FOOLED, DUPED, DECEIVED….BAM-BOOZLED. PLEASE HELP OTHERS WAKE UP and scream TRUTH from the rooftops!!!!!!! There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; The other is to refuse to accept what is true. Sorrn Kierkegaard. "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting." – Buddha

  15. I'm glad he clarified his stance on the Apollo scenario. He in fact never said that the US did NOT go to the moon. He simply presented, using public and insider information, that it didn't happen under the Apollo 'program'. I suggest that folks, unfamiliar and knowledgeable alikebwith ancient Greek cosmology, checkout the deeper concepts of Apollo. The superficial, public grade/high school presentation is that he supports the Earth upon his shoulders yet what does that have to donwith the moon? Wouldn't a more appropriate name for a moon mission project be Phoebe (Greek) or Mani ( male – Norse)? Taking a deeper look into the Apollo 'mythology' will uncover the irony of why they chose it. It will also reveal a more clandestine purpose behind concealing the real mission to the moon.

  16. they sacifice the poore indiaan police officer shot him in his and head said and said m.cooper shot him because the only reason was to kill mister Cooper.every body who respect him pray for him .


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