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  1. Bill mentioned in 98 that there will be a massive attack on the USA by US inner government CIA FBI Illuminati ect, & blamed on the Middle Eastern terrorists, then when it actualy happens he doesn't realize that this is the attack he spoke of to Us "Sheeple" as he likes to put it, just goes to show that he bought what tv news said & showed too, so on 911 Bill Cooper was a member of the Sheeple! Geeze! "Don't call in unless its what the media says, "IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB" BILL!!!

  2. Around about the one hour and 32 minute mark when he's talking about how the news is going to repeat this over and over and over… The show seems to get stuck in a loop because he says the same exact thing over and over and over a bunch of times LOL. To be fair it could just be the recording… Or the way it was uploaded or something

  3. This video should be about six hours long instead of eight hours, because there are so many sections of it that are repeated over and over again. Irritating. Very, very, very irritating.

  4. Bill goes too far with much of his theories… Not every admiral or general are knowingly betraying he constitution and morality…that's just not true to say all of them, there are some I can think of who stand up and resist the politicians, etc in order to save lives and keep their people safe. If Bill can say things as bold as that and be wrong, the I question every other old statement he makes. I believe government cover ups and aliens and stuff for the most part I think, idk, but Bill Cooper is a human being who may very well be wrong about this stuff…just be careful and take everything with a grain of salt everyone.

  5. The Rothschild Khazarian mafia with the Jesuits on the intelligence and high profile       executions, the Illuminati devised on a variety of organisation under different name and profile. Freemason, Knight of Malta, the Club de Rome, the 300 table, to name a few on the Europe front, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Club, the FED club and all for the United States side of the planet, These are responsible for all this scripted event, thank to the Mossad infiltrated agent who have mined the three towers at the WTC for the Sept 11 spectacle to terrorise the population. Wake-Up America, get out of the bible and stick your head out of the church and the ground.

  6. (~47:30) If photographic and audio-visual records of the Apollo-mission were fake(d), I would not be surprised – yet: these are not primary sources of proof, more so without archival documentation. Same goes for the 11th of September WTC phenomenon! Why bothering only with proving or disproving abundant secondary sources? You can only verify authenticity or forgeries of these materials – but the absense of a proof doesn't hold the truth for the existence of the opposite reality. If one wants to know what happened to the Towers, one might scrutinize the remains and not a picture of the remains.
    I wondered back then, why those evil terrorists didn't took flights that were scheduled two hours later? And why was it, that both towers went that straight down – what are the odd for this to happen? What odds would a londoner bookie give for that on the 10th of September 2001?
    No need to reply – as soon as I saw Bushs empty eyes the first time, I had the heebie jeebies… Listening to Rumsfeld and watching his body language wasn't very acommodating as well.

  7. What a shame that Bill was invoking the "patriots" to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they should have been doing at this time, i.e., go underground, hide, say nothing. It was exactly this attitude of silent compliance to the official conspiracy that allowed it to be promulgated so effectively and now look at the mire we are wallowed in.

  8. William Cooper, despite calling for truth through investigation, slipped up badly describing Palestinians at 30.00 big time..the dance he referred to was a wedding from 1998, not celebrating 9.1.1.. I was shocked to the lie on major networks because I had recorded that programme myself in 98, it was a documentary about the conflict. Days later it was admitted to being so.

  9. Any historian who neglects to say that Israel and mossad are behind 9/11, is to be ignored. The NWO fears Christians but hates Muslims which can be gleaned from the fact that she has been bombing one Muslim country after another.

  10. There was no planes, it was holograms.
    Watch in slow motion , frame by frame, the hologram melts into the twin towers without any damage to the so called plane and no damage to the building , ( it's like a cartoon )until the explosives went off.
    If any body still believes there was planes then I'm sorry but you are the dumbest people on earth .
    Stay safe, blessings to yo all

  11. @25:15 a NJ caller says it was on the NEWS (ON THE NEWS!?) a caller from INSIDE! the WTC, asking for help. Saying he's trapped–windows blown out–elevator shafts gone–I can tell you all that was another :"psy ops" [dom.terr] also weren't all phones out? HAARP was there too; being used.coloring the sky. But,I remeber thahth call from a "Mr.Cosgrove"it was awful;he is so observant,to being trapped also windows didn't break or open there;.further no bomb,the next day everything in order;like it has been the day b4; don't trust media is is a weapon.
    IT'S RIDICULOUS FOR JETS TO SOAR INTO THE WTC's. Does everyone know they stood, each, @ 1/4 mile high? (if they were to ever fall it'd been from bottom)

     00 .Cooper's U.S. Air force/Naval ntelligence/Staff of Commander & Chief of the Pacific Fleet.  So, how can he speak out on classified info.?

    The show Hour of the Time's intro–Loud barking dogs/barbed wired/siren. Total bedlam.  That psy ops tends to put fear in the viewer, but the viewer has been warned, IMO.  Why does he pretend not to like Alex Jones when both are fear mongers, both theatrically trained, support other lies & may have the same employers.
    Cooper's book's sleeve's scary too, the masks, the illustration.

    Beginning of 'The Sept.11th Show' crisis actors await cues followed by the shock/awe of a fireball. A jet would had rocked the city & make those interval explosions, which any media-involved trick could create, sound like nothing, as a jet would've been deafening, & any person there have ear hearing issues today. Anyway, this technique is how people are programmed it could be called 'trama based mind control'. If interested, learn about the topic.

    Re: Cooper says thousands, then 5,000. Then, 10,000 then 50,000 people work@ the WTC & tourists visit. Well, not at that time of day & most of the WTC offices were vacant.
    If you take away the visuals, reading words instead wouldn't it seem fictional?
    How many knots does it take to keep a plane in flight?
    Do pilots steer direction of jets by looking through the plane's windshield, like you would when driving a car?

    Cooper mentions The Murray Oklahoma a lot of times with Waco trailing.
    Says to do own research, not to take his word. Why'd anyone take his word? It's fine to take into consideration, but the audience always finds facts before believing right?

    Sept.11th showed newscasters interviewing people, walking upon the crime scene as if their officials. That sight alone, ought to tell the viewer its a hoax.

    The entire story concludes, how could anyone know it has ended. The Psy Ops phrase about "The families" "Think about the families" were parroted by the little people.

    What is propaganda? What is psy ops. Why does a story repeat, or get into details, televise, before a proper investigation, lol? I would bet the same sort of person that thought OJ Simpson Trial was 'real', believed these stories too, it's cute.—–SABLE

  12. wow nice , calm respectable broadcaster during a serious emergency situation.

    Now just out of curiousity going to check, Alex and others to compare, see which ones were paniced fools instead of thinkers.


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