Milton William Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001) was an American writer, shortwave broadcaster. Cooper came to public awareness in the late 1980s. The son of a U.S. Air Force officer,…



  1. fyi, Alex also predicted the attack. they had a fight, it doesn't make them enemies.

    do not pick side! that's what the elites want, they always divide us into groups to hate each other. respect each other. even if one of them was/is an insider (highly unlikely), each one has/had important pieces of the puzzle. and both show us the true enemy.

    concentrate on the enemy, and don't let them separate us, power comes with numbers.

  2. I was a follower of Cooper's website before and during the time of 9/11 right up to his murder. I still remember the headline, "America under attack" and the upside down American flags on his website.

  3. Big Brothers watching too, I've not heard anything he said about y2k, but I'm sure theres a lot I've not heard, why don't you tell us what he said and where we can find it?

  4. WOW he got the GOVT that is PROVE it was all setup 9/11 GOVT ZIONISTS Jews Inside job 100% who doesnt watch this video and thinks how Ive been thinking for the past 11 years 4 months before it happened he Predicts that Osama was goin to be Blamed lol By the Jewish Owned Media FOX CNN NBC ABC theres no more free speach in this country and no more freedom we are being wacthed and things are goin to get alot worse by the End of 2012 the GOVT knows something is about to Happened something VERY BAD

  5. He mentions christian nation and that's how the government was formed in the early days…Hmm David Cameron wants Britain to become a Christian Nation or at least has said christianity should be the backbone of the united kingdom…funny that

  6. @flacidtool yes,just listen to him bash cooper in a video after he died, he says he never read his book and he was crazy, but if you listen the interview he did with him while was still alive he praises his book , kisses his ass, and comes off like he is a big fan. Alex is full of shit and talks out of both sides of his mouth.shame because I used to dig alex but not anymore.

  7. Look in the sky currently, you will see bright stars in the sky now, look into the sky everyday and know that there are aliens, for a while you will see something different in the stars

  8. @blueguitarblue negative. All the evidence points to George Washington/Founding Fathers being Christian. Read
    The Writings of George Washington, , (published in the 1830s).
    The Religious Opinions of Washington, E. C. M'Guire, editor (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1836).
    William Johnson, George Washington The Christian (1917).
    William Jackson Johnstone, How Washington Prayed (New York: The Abingdon Press, 1932)

    Want more?

  9. @theguitarczar Because no matter their immense size, they still have no answer for a couple billion pissed off people just non-violently refusing to do any more of their warring. If Christians didn't hate Muslims and vise-versa, they both would see that both of their religions have been manipulated by the same entity from VERY far back in order to create division. This allows the creators of money to ALWAYS land on the winning team.

  10. @theguitarczar also notice that all of the videos that try to debunk cooper wont allow you to type a comment unless its "approved" by the guy who put the video up. and you'll also notice that the only comments that are "approved" are the ones from people who are talking shit about cooper. why are those people putting up anti-william cooper videos up so afraid to let people speak their minds, why are they suppressing and filtering out the words of anyone supporting bill.. hmmmm wheres free speech

  11. Cooper is wrong: the Founding Fathers were far from being Christians. They were anti and freemasons following the model of the French Revolution. They mocked those who follow Christ. This truth is hdden.

  12. Something you'll notice about most Cooper youtube links? The "next" video is always something debunking him. Any time google or any of the big boys don't like something, it's usually true.

  13. @slickywicked but we are eternal despite corruption and greed, you the people are the ones continuously electing conmen.
    now if people know they are eternal why do they waste entire lives accumulating and acquiring possessions?
    people wont take anything with them when they die, humanity exists for the sole purpose of spiritual development. or development of the mind to be more understandable.

  14. Not to bash the truth movement but, Bill Cooper was full of shit. Research bill cooper debunked before you buying anything he had to say. People sandwich complete bullshit with their truth and Cooper was guilty of this.


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