Catch it before youtube deletes it. I will upload it again. Just remember the title of the video and you can find it. Free masons want this removed and i’ll be delted soon. So hurry up…



  1. Should be deleted for its false statements and libel, defamation. If you live in America, a lot of that has to do with the fact that Freemasonry played a big role in that. You can thank them for figuring out how to make Democracy work in reality and not just on paper

  2. Lucifer, the architect of the Universe? That's a joke. Aleister Crowley, considered the most evil man that ever lived was a Freemason. That should tell you something about Freemasonry. Get a clue all of you masons.

  3. Plenty of books out there about Freemasonry. You Freemasons know how to read, right? "33 degrees of deception?" Many former Freemasons out there were smart enough to get out and are exposing your precious secrets. You worship Lucifer, not Jesus Christ. That should be a BIG hint, or maybe you'd rather worship Lucifer instead of God. How pathetic.


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