William Cooper reveals video footage from the JFK Assassination that throws an entirely different light on the event.



  1. Wow  you  can  clearly  see the pistol  in the  drivers  hand,
    the  only  problem  I see  is there  is  no  apparent recoil  or  blast  from the  pistol, which  should  be  considerable  at  this  range  and held  in  this position, left  hand  over the  right  shoulder,  which  is  a fairly  unstable way  of  firing a pistol,
    not  sure  if the  film  just  doesn't show  this  clearly,  or?
    William  Cooper  was an  American hero,  he  is sorely  missed, I  hope  his  family  is  well

  2. This Cooper guy is nuts. This is a VERY POOR Zapruder film copy with faded color. The best copies clearly show Greer's hands on the wheel. The reflection off Kellerman's head does not extend past his head. The face of the man in the doorway is clearly Lovelady. Greer did drive as if he were waiting for the kill. Oswald was on the second floor and tested negative for gunpowder residue. Kellerman showed no interest in protecting Kennedy and the agents who should have been on the back were not.

  3. @DSizzle7 his hand was on his lap a split second after the shooting. that is the people you need to watch out for. people who just make mistakes when they think they are proving something, and people "knowingly" makes a mistake because they just cant believe it, or its because they want to make you believe what they want you to believe. get the picture?

  4. Man… Just when I was starting to listen a lot of the topics Bill writes and talks about, he says this… I do believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, it just wasn't the driver who did the shooting. Video link below actually does CLEARLY show the drivers hands were at his lap at the time of bullet impact… /watch?v=DguBcLpWBS0&feature=related
    I don't know… maybe he was just misinformed and lacked the video tech, but then you get to thinking what ELSE was this dude misinformed about?

  5. i dont care what any of u think just watch again clearly he is shot face on u C the impact hits his face. it could'nt be oswald as car is in motion and a shot from a distance would penatraight from a diffrent angle..Bill was a good man worked for secret orginizations (goverment} thought he would be enlightend but shortly found out how corupt are goverments are and realy how this world realy is. mind blowin stuff if u delv deep enough into it people, cooper got me reading for myself u do 2 people

  6. Cooper is wrong about WHAT and WHY Mrs Kennedy did after the fatal shot.
    She wasn't trying to exit the car. Prior to driver's gun shot, she was looking at John's throat wound and she was not capable to see who was shooting. She leaned over the trunk for a more gruesome motive: to pick up a big fragment of her husband's skull/brain in a desperate and instinctive act to help him somehow. A loving wife never leaves her husband shot and bleeding…

  7. No fucking way… The SSA in the passenger seat was looking behind him and then turned back to the front and the driver mashed the gas pedal and the guys head came back into the sun light! I watched it a million times and can defiantly see what WC is saying but hes wrong straight up people! The gun is merely the top of the other dudes head… Yawn

  8. @Lurking99 Yea clear as day it did not come from the front driver,thanks for the link to that,also the Jessie Ventura Conspracy Theory show was an eye opener for all who doubt that powerful people within our gov have blood on there hands.total cover up

  9. The Zapruder film was doctored, I doubt they would have left in the driver shooting Kennedy. The shooter was where the lady with the camera was standing. The gun was where her elbow follows right to the head shot and lines up perfectly all the way.

  10. Not 100%. The curb causes doubt as it perfectly in line with Greer's arm, however Greer was without doubt part of "the team".
    He slowed the vehicle down in the hit zone and continued well after the headshot, something he should not have witnessed. After the first shot rang out, never mind the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, AND THEN the kill shot, his foot should have hit the gas, after all the SS knew full well he was in hostile territory.
    Greer may not have pulled the trigger but…he helped. Proofs there

  11. very disappointing,whats suppose to be a gun is actually shiney reflection of the sun on the front passengers fore head ! ,sorry to spoil the party,by the way i still believe there was foul play involved and that such a gun exists,just makes me wonder about bill copper,even alex jones dispelled this theory,want to know more checkout the retired FBI agent who says he worked on the case and says it was a cover up.bills intensions are good but clearly miss info,why?

  12. @Sanhedran I kind of follow what you're saying but I'm still having trouble understanding. So do the jews know the truth but keep it from the gentiles? Also, what and/or where would the unfalsified teachingz of the truth be found? Thanx, Sanhedran. 🙂

  13. Greer's hands both stay on the wheel. The "gun" is light reflection off of the shotgun agnet's head. Sorry, this theory is bogus, and it takes no science or trickery for the layman to expose it.

  14. Even though I believe that JFK was murdered by the elite … I can't see the driver turning and fire at Kennedy. It's too blurry to me. But when the SS don't do there job and a so called lone assassin gets past all that security … I know some people in high places order them not to do their jobs.

  15. LISTEN UP!

    @ 5:15 "Neither one of those two men (Greer & Kellerman) did what they were trained to do."

    Now, in light of that, look at the "kill shot" again…..

    For those of you who insist on Mr. Cooper's "insanity"….WE SHALL SEE YOU IN HELL.

  16. You're a Communist shill. Criminals must always claim that their expositors are "mentally ill" so that their testimony will not be believed. So, shut you stupid pie hole, you Commie shit.

  17. "U.F.O.", "alien", and "extra-terresrial" are NOT SYNONYMOUS.

    Any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic…or "alien"…tech.

  18. have there ever been any witnesses to support this theory that greer killed jfk?everyone present that day wouldve had there eyes trained on that limousine.i mean thers lots of people present at the side of the road.surely someone would notice the driver doing that.

  19. If you watch the video carefully the driver is turned back around and facing forward when the shot from the front hits JFK, so more likely to be a sniper from somewhere in front of the car in my opinion

  20. If you keep watching Greer, he shoves the gun under the seat and then moves back up to speed off! If someone had looked under the seat they would have found the gun but of course the car was put back into Airforce One.


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