Bill reveals the real story behind the JFK assassination and explains in detail every aspect of that important masonic ritual of death.



  1. It's the mans small piece of skull and brain matter she would have just jumped not garb a backwards hand rest please. What about the motorcycle cop covered in misty blood just behind jackie how wrote down" I picked a bone up after had to stop t thought I was shot."jackie was old school someone blows her husbands brain out she's in shock and would never leave her husband so she just grabbed it out of panic

  2. Freemasons here are pissed off. These people hate being put between the moral dilemma of having to go and research this stuff, and just may be discovering Freemasonry was behind all religious wars, revolutions, and misery in world, and then realizing that they cant get out of the brotherhood without giving up their Masonic comfort… For Masons to leave Masonry is to give up their livelihood in many cases.

  3. The documents have just been released after 659 months since the assassination. If there is a more accurate date then this would almost tie into the number you get when you take away 1963-1307 =

  4. I never noticed: at approx 31:45, you see the right edge of the freeway sign, after the edit mark, you can see the black umbrella opened. Legend has it that the motorcade came to an "almost" complete stop, the motorcade didn't proceed until the dirty deed was done. The umbrella was a signal? Wm Cooper was the first person to alert us that the driver fired the head shot, as is evident in some of the films. You can see it here.


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