This is the real and only interview William Cooper ever gave on the Alex Jones Show. It has been subject to some controversy since Alex Jones after Cooper’s death, claimed that he was cursed…



  1. Remember Jones was only 24 at the time, basically a kid in terms of life experience Cooper had thirty years on him. 5mins " If that means dying on my door step" he knew what was coming and the speech on 9/11 was the straw.

  2. Cooper was murdered via government
    AJ caught redhanded, AJ not dead? it's a wrap
    Bill Cooper was the only one that percisely predicted 9/11
    Not Alex
    The Music is The Map

    AJ Publicly misinformed
    Cooper Publically Government Assassinated!

    Why AJ allowed live and propagate?
    Nail in Coffin for AJ
    Part 3 of 3

  3. William Cooper…you predicted so many things. Even your own death.
    He said he'd die standing for the truth even if it was on his own doorstep.
    That's pretty much where they gunned him down.
    Great man, great wisdom and greatly missed!!

  4. I know this is irrelevant but did you guys know….Alex Jones is only 43??!!?? Wow I thought he was approaching 60. When he was on the Joe Rogan podcast I had no idea Joe (50) and Eddie Bravo (47) were older than him. He looks 10 years older than both of them.

  5. …the Law of Attraction has crafty crafts guilded people and control Matrices.

    Chinese Doc…

    Dr. Chao?

    Sounds good but we never had an elevator moment, like that other one downtown.

  6. I was first a listener to Alex in 2008, he would say crazy shit then tell you how to and where to find information about his claims. For a few years I followed up because I wanted to Know if he was being honest. He always was telling the truth. After a few years of fact checking him I just took his word for it, he tells the truth. But I still think there's a strong possibility he's a double agent. The power elites using him to precondition our mind to be more accepting of the truth when it comes out. On the other hand I have went deep into checking his health products. They are 100% legit. I use them for and studied them for years. So that and the fact that he uses and praises the name Jesus Christ lead me to believe that he's a good guy. The power is in the name of Jesus our savior. You will hear evil globalists use "God" insinuating God of the Bible but only the know which god they are talking about. You won't hear them verbalize faith or an alliance in the name of Jesus Christ. They reserve the choice to give Jesus Christ and His name power by not saying it. But anyone who does claim faith in Jesus openly is empowering their faith and others in doing so. Satanic Illuminati will NOT do this. It is counterproductive to their evil agenda.

  7. Wow! Prophetic words. "Even if I have to die on my doorstep", well he did… unfortunately. Sad sad thing. He was a great American, and a REAL patriot to this nation. RIP Mr. Cooper

  8. I understand this was almost twenty years ago and a bad recording but that doesn't sound like Alex Jones. Time and a poor recording can't reconcile the differece.

  9. Theres two sides to this….
    Bill Cooper is unfriendly, uncooperative and black pilled
    Bill Hicks is friendly, outgoing and cooperative but slightly blue pilled.

    Coopers message is right but his personality is awful.
    Jones message is not going full red pilled but he is friendly, outgoing and open-minded.

    Alot of conspiracy theorists have a bad habit of become misanthropic and shut-ins because of the information they know. We still must treat our fellow man like neighbors.

  10. Shivers down my spine. "Even if I have to die on my doorstep." William Cooper was set up by the government and died on his doorstep in an assassination by a tyrannical government in November 2001. God bless you William Cooper.


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