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  1. I don't care about the fallen losers.but that's because I hate their guts.give them a taste of their own medicine.see how much they like to be hated.they can dish it out but they sure as hell can't take it!its sheer stupidity to sell ones soul.i'm not willing to spend an eternity in hell with them. They can be miserable with out me.I sure as hell ain't getting chipped.the rfid chip the mark of the beast.that will ensure going to hell.its blasphemy against the holy ghost.only Jesus saves no,other name.only Jesus ,the true and living God is worth worshipping. Definitely nobody with a god complex.that's for damn sure.ego maniac.

  2. John McCain is a criminal,John McCain's role in the so-called Keating Five is legendary.People lost there life savings because of John McCain.If John McCain becomes President it will be a sad day in America.John McCain is a crook.

  3. One of the current circuses to distract ignorant voters: Bradgelina break up. I knew it the moment it was announced last week. A giant Drama Circus. Their satanic handlers probably told them to hold off until now.

  4. Keep in mind that Bill Cooper's research was done pre-internet era, which mean tons of time spent reading, going places etc. and it's amazing exactly how precise he was! Listen to him speak during (as in day of) 9/11/01. He called it play-by-play and intrinsically knew the parameters of the event way before most.

  5. Good to see Cooper getting some light. I"ve always wondered why even the present day, hardcore alternate media never talk about the guy. He was light years ahead of his time, and his radio show STILL holds credence.


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