Most of you who have been following the ‘official’ government cover-up of 9/11 are well aware of Mr. Cooper’s contributions to the truth movement. Those of you less familiar with his work might…



  1. I went back and watched the news from 1999-September 2001.

    It couldn't be more obvious.

    If you want, you can find all television news programs for major news networks. They couldn't stop talking about Osama bin Laden.

    Then, when the CNN reporter found Osama bin Laden, I was like…wait….they were allowed to interview this guy, who openly stated that he would attack the United States (and that he was in Afghanistan saying this…supposedly), so how come the military didn't just intercept this when OBL got interviewed?

    I was maybe…11 years old, wondering what the heck was going on. Made no sense.

    Then I saw those towers "fall". Made no sense. With family members in structural engineering and everything they told me pre-9/11, I used that knowledge to figure out why two 110 story skyscrapers would pulverize themselves in midair due to gravity and fire. I couldn't do it.

    Then there was that third building "collapse" that made me very confused as well. Again, I noticed this at 11 years old. We were forced to watch the 9/11 coverage in school, and naturally I wanted to keep watching it when I went home. I obviously didn't want to go to school that day. Adults say "Oh, it's okay, they won't attack your school", and I was confused.

    "How do you know that?" I remember asking my mother, before she forced me to go to school.
    She said something about the thousands of schools in the country, and that mine wouldn't be attacked. Yeah….wait…how does every adult in the world know the extent of the attack? It barely started before I was forced to go to school.

    So they knew what would be attacked, how much would be destroyed, when it would happen? Or were they just like "Fuck it, I don't like my kids, I don't care if they get blown up?"

    This was such an obvious false flag before it even began.

    My mother was so upset at my father for his secret government work. So naturally, it was all a little too strange.

  2. Cooper was murdered via government
    AJ caught redhanded, AJ not dead? it's a wrap
    Bill Cooper was the only one that percisely predicted 9/11
    Not Alex
    The Music is The Map

    Part 2 of 3

  3. Did he just say nazis? Didnt they get taken out by the real powers that be? Makes no sense. German civillians were fire bombed after the world was over. We talkin 800,000 in one serving kids!

  4. on September 10th 2001 a Washington times article 'U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study' mentions….
    'Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." very interesting that this article came out a day before 9/11

  5. What if the people commenting that all this is a lie are actually people that work for the government trying to convince everyone not to believe what he said??? 😧

  6. He got it right, but there was no CNN interview in 2001. I don't know what he's talking about. The only CNN interview was in 1997, when he was not wanted for his crimes.

  7. To think that out of 7 billion human beings in the world, many with access to this, only 173,453 have watched this amazing testament…and only 1,093 have liked it? Amazing. I fear for those who don't look deeper and question until they reach the truth. Hannah Montana probably has millions of views..Kanye west, billions..but the truth is in the shadows, unimportant and despised by most who desire a fabricated reality..a safety net of illusion. I feel blessed to have ALL of you as company..on the same level of searching for truth.

  8. Listen folks, not trying to bring religion into this…I'm not a  fan of BS, contrived religion. However, Yahshau, the son of our creator prophesied EVERY second of this…down to the end of life as we know it and the renewal of earth. I see men and women today, just before typing this terrified of Military drills by the U.S. and South Korea, and the implications of nuclear war with North Korea. They ask, what will we do!? Yahshua spoke wisdom, " When you hear of wars..and rumors of wwars, do not fear YET. This is but the BEGINNING of sorrows. When you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the Holy place,. claiming TO BE Yah, EXALTING HIMSELF ABOVE GOD…THEN, know the end is near, at the very gates"    That, my friends, is the POST war, global governments leader. Its spokesman. He is the Anti-Messiah. He will be all things, to all men..war torn and afraid. Grow close to our creator, revere Him. Honor him. Stay strong and know that your deliverance draws near..he paid that price of death for us. He was sinless…innocent..and suffered the violence of the world so that we, GUILTY of such violence could reap the reward that should be his, the one of innocence. Bless you in Yahowahs name! Don't believe me? STUDY. Its ALL there.

  9. This man reminds me of 'V', from "V for Vendetta"… It's a shame that in the real world, people refuses to wake up… We really need a new 'V' who can wake us all to fight our own government. Remember: The true power resides in the people, not in the government. Without people, there is no one nor anything to govern.
    R.I.P. William Cooper.

  10. Anyone who defends the official story…point them to this…if they still don't wake up….there's no hope…slowly distance yourself to avoid their backlash and..fade away from their "reality"

  11. "dumbed down unfranking uneducated stupid ignorant population" < very good sentence, i agree … i've been saying this for ages that people are STUPID and IGNORANT and have no brain .. they think that if news shows something, then it's true LOL … FOOLS.

    Cooper wasn't only one who predicted 9/11, there were many. reason – because 9/11 was FAKE and planned for years.

  12. a great man indeed..i wish some of us had half the size of his balls.He really stood up for what he believed, admitted all his mistakes (unlike AJ, for instance), denounced every Illuminati scumbag in all their spectra, as well as the mystery schools they so fervorously follow..RIP Bill Cooper

  13. Where might I find out more about Milton William Cooper? His Wikipedia entry doesn't cover much. I read that he was supposed to have been a believer in alien conspiracies and other nonsense early on, but that he denounced it all later. I'd like to find objective, factual information on him. No pro/anti bias.

  14. the cia was on top of what bill was doing so much so they moved on him right after  911 but no one cares, but they will when the economy collapses and we enter the final stage of a world slave system with zombies walking around typical consumers who are beyond salvage

  15. americans prepare for another false flag this time its going to be huge to start another war, a global war… is is or cia saudi israel inc. is going to blow up a nuke or something in the usa…   

  16. the gov us the usa did the same thing with osama that they are doing with isis, that appeared out of nowhere with funding from nowhere dividing iraq, now they are saying they are most terrible group in the world banging it in every tv channel all around the world so when the attack or inside job happens in the usa or europe they can immediately blame isis even the name is a mockery is is… these ppl are making fun of the sheep as they go… 

  17. the united states isn't the only one that can oppose the destruction of freedom in this world, you're way too cocky and patriotic, Americans think they're so hard…

  18. I don't spread disinformation. You on the other hand are creating a false equivalency between 2 types of social order-Competition, represented by Capitalism and Cooperation, represented(though imperfectly) by Socialism. The fact that you see them as the same is proof of your handle Hongry Sheep. You're so starving for truth, you'll eat anything that looks like it.

  19. You're spreading DISINFO.
    BOTH 'socialism' and 'capitalism' are two sides of the SAME coin, which ultimately is used to confuse the lazy/ignorant/gullible sheeple.
    They are BOTH networking tentacles of the Talmudic International banking cabal of the rothschilds.

    Concentrate on spreading THIS TRUTH and you'll >eventually< awaken enough of the world masses to end their crimes.

  20. You do realize Osama changed his hideout in a weekly if not a daily basis. Perhaps its because of it a journalist could interview him and the military didn't get a grasp on him. Remember also that by then (when the interview was conducted) he wasn't really a priority target


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