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  1. Mostly hogwash and nonsense… Circular reasoning and gaslighting…
    Where are his sources and references? He's completely ignorant of the symbolic meaning of the Gnostic texts. His interpretation of Alchemy is deluded and diluted. His understanding of Christ is misconstrued by his own religious programming. The proohet known as Yeshua (commonly called Jesus and wrongly understood to be God's ONLY son.. ) practiced the very mystery traditions he is so quick to dismiss as satanic. The transmutation of lead into gold is the apotheosis that Christ Jesus himself performed, mainly that of vibrational purification turning dense matter into light.. This presentation is completely confused and confusing to those who are not aquainted with Gnosis.

    Nice advertisement for gold btw. Lol anunaki much????

  2. I suppose most of us are familiar with these quaint ideas. Cooper does his best to get us into the game – a game it is not so easy to get out of – and you may have noticed that this information does not change you one iota… though no doubt the gullible will experience some ego inflation if they fall for it. He clearly has no idea what Magick is. I read somewhere that he died in an OK Corral style shoot out … must have really pissed someone off.

  3. I have watched so many of his speeches this man is really smart and he died to let us know something and he is right Little by little we are losing our rights and that's a fact I don't want that for my grandkids

  4. One should read The Lost Book Of Enki.  THAT will awaken you to who we are and the inception of the control system….'religion', "monarchy'…..those who wanted to be gods who are the Annunaki who actually created us through DNA manipulation.  It is all, a real bad joke, a very cruel joke.  WE are the annunaki's bitches, the slave race and we
     are still slaves today.

  5. Crucifying the lower nature is the Christ message.  Loving money, lust, greed & hatred In your heart is evil & Christ was killed for teaching this.  He was a real person & has been proved in history even by his enemies. 

  6. He's lying. He knew that Christianity was adopted from the Astrolatry worship and sun worship religion, so why would he act as though Jesus was a real person?  He tells the story about how Christ is really the sun.

  7. This man is fantastic, He fought to give others information, and to give us a choice in our lives. He payed the ultimate sacrifice and that has to be acknowledged. He tried to be truthful and he found the truth. This example should be followed.


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