1. S.S. agent Greer could have been raising his gun to engage in response to gunfire – he was trained to react to a shooting situation. The video was way too blurry to see where the gun actually was.

  2. I had NEVER heard of this guy until 6 months ago and that my friends is extremely sad. I have been awake since a little after Trumps (who I had thought was a a$$ as well as a racist biggot) election. Google and youtube had not really censored as much as they do now. Finding out the truth about everything that's really happening outside of the Fake reality MSM, I had started watching youtubers that had opened my eyes to the lies. I relied on video suggestions and it's sick and sad I had to hear about Mr. Cooper through reading comments. Funny how watching MSM all my life and nothing really made sense but listening to quote unquote Conspiracy theorist(though tough because they were going against my Democrat programming) the world now makes perfect sense, unmistakable sense, undeniable sense. We all must go on Fake News youtube sites comments and wake the still sleeping. It's not their fault though they may piss us off we must keep firing proof and common sense. They think as I once did come on really why would MSM lie they're the fourth estate you know truth to power. You must persist to explain there's a Rabbit Hole and it goes deep. Most hate America their own country by design, we are 20Trillion in debt by design. We must help change minds. Ultimately it is life or death, litterally.

  3. it was called National Socialism, but i cant see the NAZI party being anything other than facist. Therefore right wing. And Anarchism (political ideology) is surely as far left on the spectrum as one can be. <<around the 40 minute mark>>

  4. i think of bill when i hear of others who put truth out there- cuz supposedly when its out there you did it- so wont get hurt. i have his book. the big book.

  5. i liked Bill cuz when he learned some things. thought about maybe got played or sheep dipped- so said Yes. i thought x. i was wrong. True decent human unlike those who threw slurs and tried to tarnish him. aint Tarnished


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