William Cooper – The Luxor – Mystery School Symbology Exposed 1994 Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas and all of it’s Mystery School Complete Cooper MP3 Collection http://www.hourofthetime.com/wordpresst…



  1. This is related to the Vegas shooting. Cooper saw inside of the Luxor pyramid the words “Enlightened Society for Global Transformation.” Those words are on a logo is owned by the Mandalay Bay Group in Las Vegas. The logo has an equilateral triangle. It is 404 meters from the center of the pyramid to the center of the stage. It is also 404 meters from center stage to the center of Mandalay Bay and 404 meters from Mandalay Bay to the center of the pyramid, a perfect equilateral triangle.

  2. It is very enlightening to watch this video at this time, with the phony POTUS elections for 2016. Freemasons and secret societies are the death of America. Just like JFK told us. America is doomed. Evil Empire as it is.


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