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  1. I have noticed an annoying tendency among people in the LDS Church, whenever you are confronted with critique or facts, that you answer with "I believe…." And as almost always is the case, you simply is death wrong! Joseph Smith HIMSELF numerous times said, that he used a seerstone to translate The Book of Mormon, and it is even in the material, that you present to investigators of the church, which I have been for half a year, so I tell you this with no malice against the church or people in it. I really like the community and the people I have met in it, but there is no doubt in my mind, Joseph Smith were a false prophet, as Jesus Christ warns Christians to listen to, and truly LDS is a mystery school in a cloak as a Christian church and no more than that. The use of a seerstone and other ways of engagement with spirituality, channeling or divinations, which Joseph Smith, according to himself, also engaged in, is according to the Holy Bible occult practices and strictly forbidden. By the way, Jesus Christ forbade us to do these things, because, if you are not getting contact with the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ of Nazareth, then you get in contact with demons or their Lord, which the Holy Bible for instance often refers to as the Great Deciever. Basically, Jesus Christ forbade us to engage in occult practices, because he loves us and wants to protect us against the deception coming from these evil and deceptive spirits. Lucifer can easily impersonate even Jesus in spiritual contacts and there is many accounts of him doing so. Lucifer even tried to tempt Jesus Christ into sin and failure,, when he was on the cross, by impersonating his father. You would know that, if you read the Bible, but in your church you spend your time and energy reading Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants, of which at least the two first scriptures, according to LDS own information, has come to existence by methods, which the Bible precisely describes as occultism. On top of that, all the founding fathers of LDS church were Freemasons, in the case of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young they were 33 degree Mason's, which is the top of the Masonic ranks, and your church does not even make any secret of this, but actually boast about it, for instance in LDS Living, claiming that they participated in Freemasonry to get inspired to engaging rituals in the LDS temples. You can look up Walter Veith for instance here on YouTube and see some of his many speeches about Freemasonry and you will understand, that their practice has nothing to do with Christianity, their rituals absolutely is occult and The Crist they are talking about in Freemasonry (and New Age movements as well) is in no way Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but instead exactly The Crist, or Maitreya, the Light Bearer or the many other names Lucifer is hiding behind. Freemasons absolutely is Luciferians and I would never engage myself in any church, were the founding fathers have had anything to do with Freemasonry. The LDS Church and Freemasonry shockingly have another thing in common: Lower rank Freemasons, like members of Lions Club for instance, all think, that they are dogooders and Christians, but the more you get engaged and the higher your ranks is in Freemasonry, the more you get involved in occult practices, until the top, were the Bible, even as a relic, is scrabbed all together. Likewise, when you come to church in LDS as an investigator, you hear a lot about Jesus Christ, but you have to engage in a long list of rituals and initiations to become first a member and then an elder and high priest, if you so wish, and your temples is not even open to the public, and you have to be Baptized and member of the church for one full year and even then accepted by a council of high priests, before you get access to the temple. And I know, that you think, that what is going on in the temple is beneign. I have heard it so many times, like "Oh, nothing strange is going on in there". You are wrong! I have read reports and even seen hidden camera videos from ceremonies in LDS temples and it has nothing to do with Christianity and absolutely is occult rituals. Even your ceremonial dresses has nothing to do with Christianity, but actually looks exactly like the ceremonial dresses of Druids, and Druids simply is the epiphany of Western occultism. Look it up for yourself! Jesus Christ said "I do nothing in secret" and numerous times said, that true Christians should do everything in public and that only the other side needs to conspire and decieve in a cloak of darkness. I used to be a part of an Indian spiritual movement, really a New Age movement in essence, and the rituals going on in your temples reminds me of many rituals I have witnessed in the New Age realm, and I can tell you, they are not beneign and they absolutely are occult. The founding members of New Age all were openly Luciferian and had nothing but contempt towards Evangelical Christianity and Jesus Christ, just look up Alice A Bailey and Blavatsky to see for yourself. Interestingly, when you come into any New Age movement as a cultural Christian believing in Jesus Christ, as I did, then they are all two-faced enough to tell you straight to your face, that it is fine, Jesus is one of our ascended masters too. This is apparently how the deception goes in our modern days. I have from the beginning as an investigator of LDS been very comprehensive about the fact, that the holiest places of the church is not even open to the public, and indeed it is in itself a huge tell, that something fishy is going on. This by the way also makes LDS to a cult in the true sense of the word, were for instance parents deciding to leave the church can't even take part in their own children's marriage, which basically makes it an unbareable price for many to leave the church, because the cost in their social and familiar life just is too high. Last, Joseph Smith and many other of the founding members and prophets of the LDS church literally have claimed, that God once were a man just like us and that he, God, went to school to learn to be Divine and ultimately become God. More so, LDS prophets goes on to claim, that every man can learn how to become God themselves! Any Christian, especially any Christian reading the Bible, should know, that this simply is blasphemy. God is eternal and immortal and man will never reach Godhood and be God's equal. These claims from your prophets is actually what I refer to, when I called LDS a mystery school in a cloak of Christianity: this remove of Divinity from God to every man and everything is exactly the core of every Luciferian teaching, wetter it comes in a cloak of Babylonian, Greek or Roman mystery schools, New Age spiritualism or apparently the LDS "Christian" church. Look up Mormon church Blasphemers here on YouTube and I believe you will be shocked to see, what your prophets have said. I know, what your answer would be, it is only a YouTube video. The problem is however, that you can open LDS app, enter the Holy scriptures of your church and find every single one of these blasphemies written down as church gospel. My heart truly goes out for all the warm-hearted and well-intentioned people I have met in LDS and my wish for you all is not, that you should loose faith, but actually find a true Christian Church to practice your faith in, as I intend to do myself. One hint though, don't go to the Catholic Church; literally this church is an Antichrist church, as Martin Luther and many of the reformers to protestantism even openly said, and the Catholic Church is full of forbidden pagan and occult rituals and idolatries. Also, literally the militant strong arm of the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, are the creators of both Freemasonry and the New Age movement, and The current Pope has it as his outspoken mission to unite all religions in a One World Religion under UN, excluding "Christian fundamentalists", which basically is just his codeword for any true Evangelical Christian. Walter Veith and also Cooper here documents this in many speeches

  2. According to researcher Fritz Springmeier, every single religion in American was started by Freemasons under the Jesuits, if the church you belong to is under the National Council of Churches, previously named Federal council of church of Christ, those are government controlled 501C3, ecumical organizations whose goal is the NWO-one world religion better wake up folks RIP William Cooper

  3. I have listened to William (Bill) Cooper many times and have the greatest respect for much of what he says but I was completely astonished to hear some of the absolute rubbish and misinformation that he here quoted as Mormon beliefs and teachings. Unfortunately Bill is no longer with us to defend his position after being deliberately assassinated by government insiders but I would have rejoiced in giving him true and correct literature. No doubt the source of much of his information regarding the Latter-day Saints was taken from absolutely false anti–mormon rhetoric and in this the great Jehovah has commanded, THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS. All are welcome to study true teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints online at ; ; or to invite the Missionaries into your home and investigate. I encourage all to read The Book of Mormon for themselves and to pray and find out from God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, if it is true, for it is written in The Book of Mormon in Moroni chapter 10:3-5 that by the power of the Holy Ghost we may know the truth of all things. I have read it many times, I have prayed to God our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ to know for myself if it is true and I know with all my heart that The Book of Mormon is the most correct of any Book. If one loves the Bible, one cannot possibly in good conscience, reject the Book of Mormon and if one loves the Book of Mormon, one cannot in good conscience reject The Book of Mormon. If the Bible was the Everlasting Gopel, John the Revelator would not possibly have written as recorded in Revelation 14:6-7, that an angel would fly through the midst of heaven at some future time having the "everlasting gospel" to "preach unto them that dwell on the earth…." In like the manner the writer of the Acts 3:21 tells us of a future "restitution of all things" The writer of Ezekiel tells us in Ezekiel 37:16 of writings that would come from the house of Judah which no doubt is the Bible and other writings that would come from Joseph and the house of Ephraim. Where are these? I testify that these writings are contained in The Book of Mormon because it tells us therein that the writers of The Book of Mormon are direct descendants of that same Joseph who was sold into Egypt by his own brothers: These things cannot be argued or reasoned away and I know with all my heart that they are true and I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  4. If you wish to hold to those beliefs even though you know they are deceptions, or you may disagree and believe that they are not deceptions, that's okay with me!

  5. 1830 united states government wanted to have new law the constitution to this america.
    at that 18 century farmers are powerful and wealthy. when lds members received letter from american government they were against. because the only thing take away from american people's freedom.
    mormon lds members are refused helping them then american government kill them many.
    William cooper he is wrong for this message.
    lds church isn't christian believe. we don't do like what christian people do. christian people does not read book of mormon but mormon lds members do, christian people don't repent process through heavenly father's authorized power but momon people do. we do read new and old bible. we read other many scriptures that heavenly father given to us that christian won't read. of course different.
    lds members keeping the commandment but christian people won't.
    lds members won't drink alcohol, no coffee, no caffeine, no gamble, no doing bad things.
    lds members follow what heavenly father told us to do keeping the commandment, we do not lie, do not smoke, do not using drug. lds mormon people we have family meeting every month but christian won't do. mormon people followed heavenly's messages through our prophet to saving food to helping the world that christian won't do.
    of course different that christian and lds members.
    we go to temple seal as eternity and we receiving holy ghost from heavenly father through baptizes but christian won't have that kind of power from heavenly father.
    you william cooper you are wrong. especially against lds church, you can be cursed on your danger life from what I learned. never against god or who is doing such a sacrifice to the world that you will never cross finger on that.
    the saything name of jesus christ amen.

  6. Makes you wonder if Mormons are behind ISIS…RFID Chip…NWO?
    How's their Aids rate…or not a problem if they don't practice polygamy…or hidden by their Dr's?
    Wish Bill Cooper was here to help find answer to these questions!

  7. As an ex-member who was born and raised in the shadow of the LDS church offices (my father worked there for several years) I can tell you some of this is highly accurate, and other parts are hyperbole and distortion.
    The number of BYU-ex-missionary graduates who enter the intelligence arms of the Federal gov't are far smaller in number than Bill implies. The missionary numbers have been steadily dropping since this broadcast, and resort to sending out younger members so wet behind the ears they're still dripping baby teachings is compounding the problems of the missionary efforts. The overwhelming growth of membership in the church is not from missionary labor (those numbers are precipitously dropping because of the web), but from families in Utah having children like rabbits who fill the halls and pews.
    Members who work in gov't agencies DO NOT have the power and influence over these agencies he lists. The top leadership having experienced a wholesale public embarrassment over the Benson crusades is VERY circumspect about how they influence the political process. The only places the leadership's good 'ol boy's club influence extends is in those communities, largely in the Western USA, that are overwhelmingly Mormon. Mormons find employment in Federal offices not because of church power, but because they are indoctrinated from toddlerhood to be obedient to authority above all else, and are as gullible as every cult acolyte can be.
    The church's welfare program for the poor does NOT work in the manner Bill suggests. I know, several times I attempted to obtain assistance there over the years and only got a pittance for the family, as well as humiliation, demands of financial servitude, and cessation of benefits before I was able to resume full employment. They use the program as a PR tool for the public, while out the back door faithful members are turned out on their ears after a token libation from the storehouse.
    Having worked in the temples for nearly two decades, and studied the various changes over time in the pageant presentation there I can say unequivocally Mormons have not and do not worship Lucifer. He is merely one of the characters in the pageant used to couch ridiculous promises and oaths hardly any of them uphold 100%, ESPECIALLY the leadership from bottom to top. Any study of Mormon temple worship and pageantry will reveal unequivocally that Lucifer was never worshiped. Bill is completely wrong on this matter. The entire narration as well as a clandestine video of the same can be found on the web.
    Only those businessmen who represent a competitive threat to Mormon businessmen (particularly the leadership) are treated in the manner that Bill asserts. If you happen to be a member and work for an employer who is one also and knows you are, some forms of blackmail have been used. But it is not a practice openly taught nor condoned.
    God, how I wish that members DID know in their hearts this religion is false! I've had countless discussions public and private with other members over the validity of doctrines, and even history, and most all of them are as ignorant as a toad in a saucepan of what the truth actually is. As for blood atonement and murders for noncompliance–that disappeared over 100 years ago with the demise of the original cadre. What hasn't ceased in the incessant lying "for the Lord", to the extent most are not even conscious of doing it. They consider themselves "Faithful" when they do it.

  8. As long as everyone is in agreement, no one is victimized, then I do not have a problem with polygamy. I do  not have an issue with the age of consent being 15 years old.

  9. He only thinks he knows  what hes talking about,he best stick with being a protestant L D S is nothing today as it was in the beginning the members of the church don't even know that most of church history is a fraud the same with the rest of the groups, so this is best left for latter day saints to work this out on there own . and that goes for all protestants, the fact is you all came from the catholic church so deal with that ,it will keep you occupied for a long time.


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