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  1. Yes but he faild to mention that WE THE PEOPLLE IN CONGRESS only separated those in congress and put us under there rule. Realize that the documents that fallowed the constitution and the bill of rights sections that talk about the qualifications to run forcongress senat and presadent made it to where our government can be taken over in a matter of fourty five years. Yes those who wrote the documents understood the laws as he stated no argument there. But those who wrote them were part of a secret society inwich desided not to let it be known at that time and to keep this info private for them selves. If you are smart then you will see truth in what I say. Congress shall make no law respecting the right to free speach, relegion and establishments thereof, the freedom of press. The abridge part always fallows the congress shall make no law respecting part. In short they nmake no law respecting not abridging and of the fallowing in turn they only make laws disrespecting the fallowing. Read those documents for what they realy are.

  2. Excellent authentic analysis of our founding documents of the US.  Thanks so much for making this information available…you are truly a shining son of the City of Brotherly love.

  3. I am so thankful to you. So enlightening Finnaly! Hope all my brothers in humanity get the opportunity to Listen to your propos & some similar lecturer in the same line.  We Humans, Our salut reside in giving up our fears to be able to go meeting our supposed "ENNEMY" let him know he is in fact a brother. invite him for holding hands & conculde peace for ever.. That day Evil Looses his Power over us for ever The seret is Do Not letting a space for him between us. 
    Le jour ou nous les humains lâcherons prise en allant vers le soi-disant ennemi, le saluer, l'inviter a lâcher prise aussi et l'aimer.. ce jour la, SATAN, "Sheitan"  perdra a jamais son pouvoir sur nous. Ne pas lui laisser de l'espace entre nous est le secret.  MERCI, GRACIAS, ESSALAM to eveybody

  4. I very much enjoyed your talk and have come aware of you at the most perfect time. Thank you for your efforts and you honestly.. Very few of us walking on earth turly understand the Natural Laws. Just as many light as dark seekers.

  5. Thanks for the comment. Check out Mr Passio's podcasts starting at 121 for more on carnism – site link is in the video info. The video "Earthlings" on youtube is recommended.


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